5 Must Try Valentine’s Date Ideas


By Aby Tirza

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Impressing your significant other on that special day can be pretty tough with the overload of date night choices in Singapore.

Tired of planning dates extensively and for it to end so soon? Still in the tight squeeze for the month’s budget? Here are 5 Must Date Night Ideas that are bound to rock your socks off:

1. Instagram Date

Have a sweet Instagram Date Night by going to multiple scenic places to take Instagram-worthy photos with your date!

We recommend going to Loof , a local bar located right at North Bridge Road. The infamous insta-worthy “Feng He Ri Li” sign displayed is sure to spice up your feed whilst enjoying your date.

Do remember to book your tables beforehand by dropping them a call! We recommend using Eatigo for added discount if you are heading over to other bars as well!

Loof @ Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop (Credit Loof)

2. Riding the Korean Wave

The ever growing presence of Korean Culture in Singapore doesn’t seem like it’ll die down anytime soon. Why not join in and have fun whilst its still trendy!

Head down for some Korean Barbeque and also a Korean Spa afterwards!

Nothing like good food and relaxing vibes to unwind you and your significant other after a long day of work or school.

We recommend going to Daessiksin Korean Barbeque , conveniently located at multiple branches such as Causeway Point and Bugis+. Moreover, apps like Fave and Vaniday help you secure the best possible deal for your spa trip!


3. Take a short overnight trip to Johor Bahru

Besides the opening of Johor Bahru’s largest mall Paradigm Mall , there is much to explore in Johot Bahru! Take for example, Puteri Harbour- it boasts a beautiful ocean view even at night, with a line of bars and restaurants at the side.

Nothing beats a quiet romantic stroll beside a pier, whilst being hand in hand with your significant other. Have a drink before that to loosen the tensions of the day before going on that walk!

Puteri Harbour: Johor Bahru 79100, Malaysia

4. Go on a cultural adventure

Many date night ideas revolve around new trends floating around our social media. Why not take a step back and explore our rich cultural roots?

For starters, starting off the night at Chinese Garden sets the mood off to a great start. Simply take away small meals and have it at the gazebos or the Bamboo Garden situated right next to the large pond in Chinese Garden.

We also recommend places such as the Peranakan Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum or also Haw Par Villa for those adventurous souls!

Pagoda Twins at Chinese Garden (Credit: Singaporewest.sg)

5. Virtual Reality Dates

Feeling adventurous yet not up to the challenge ahead? Fret not- Virtual Reality or VR is here to help you with that.

On Sister’s Island, it is part of their Marine Park Public Gallery, equipped with viewing pools of sea anemone and sea stars! The gallery is also offering a curated trail of the island!

Keep your eyes peeled for rare animals such as the Hawksbill Turtle!

The best part is that all of it is free! Just pay for the ferry fee to the island and off to your virtual and non-virtual adventure!

Sister’s Island Singapore (Credit: Wileshores.bblogspot)


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