Humor is Good For You—If You Do it Right

Humor isn’t always useful or beneficial for reaching our goals, new research suggests. The research breaks people’s goals into three broad categories: hedonic goals (maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain), utilitarian goals (optimizing long-term well-being), and social […]


Scientist debunks 5 food allergy myths

A surge in childhood food allergies across the United States has turned classrooms into homemade-treat-free zones and parents into experts at scanning labels. But what’s fact and what’s fiction? Ruchi Gupta has been at the […]

(Ana Tavares/Unsplash)

How Your Mindset Shapes Your Body

It’s one of the great ironies of the modern age: We’re a culture obsessed with staying slim, yet we’re fatter than we’ve ever been. Since the 1980s, the percentage of obese adults has doubled in size, and the […]