How to Avoid Spreading The Flu at Work

Workplaces remain hotbed of possible flu contagion, despite recommendations that people get their vaccinations. Even an ordinary seasonal flu epidemic will still kill several thousand people every year in the US alone. This year’s flu, […]

Method may reverse vision loss from diabetes

Method May Reverse Vision Loss from Diabetes

Researchers have found a potential way of stalling or even reversing diabetes-related blindness. In experiments with mice, scientists found a protein that triggers vision loss caused by diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion, two diseases […]


How Enzymes Direct ‘Traffic’ Inside Cells

(Credit: Getty Images) Protein “motors” inside cells act like trucks on tiny cellular highways to deliver life-sustaining cargo. Researchers now know how cells deploy enzymes to place traffic control and “roadway under construction” signs along those […]