It's impossible to prepare for every possible discomfort, might be easier to just give up the need. (Mehdi-Thomas BOUTDARINE/Unsplash)

Give Up Comfort, Gain Peace

I was boarding an airplane today, and the woman ahead of me had a huge travel pillow, a blanket, and a few other items designed to give her maximum comfort on the flight. Someone I […]

No Picture

The Art of Practice

A lot of folks ask me how special operators execute missions. How do you execute when you know there’s going to be violence, there’s going to be chaos, explosions, casualties? How do you wade into […]


Stop Giving Away Your Power

I started noticing flies in my kitchen about four months ago. Big, black, plump flies, the sort that move slowly and land on your face or food as you’re eating, that seem completely unbothered by […]