How Do I Make Fuss-Free Money?

By Shafreen Fatimah

Have you ever asked yourself how you can make money easily? Surely, we all have at some point. By that, you are wondering how you can make passive income.

But what is passive income?

Simply put, it’s earning money without actively doing anything. This is also the main distinction between passive income and a part-time job. Imagine passive income being something like burning calories while sitting down (well, more than your body ordinarily does).


It sounds enticing, and it has probably crossed any individual’s mind at least once. So why not get right into it?  

By far, the easiest way to engage in passive income is investing. Everyone’s trying it out now as well, with the talk surrounding Bitcoin and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It’s on every article and every site, and nearly a hundred books are written about it by the day.

In this case, passive income comes from a variety of sources, such as lending clubs, real estate, index funds and more.

Like all things related to investment, you can find out more on

Now, let’s focus on the lesser-known ways of making money.



Make some money doing some of the things you’re already doing!

Get cashback rewards on credit cards


It’s unheard of to be able to earn money while spending it. But to get rewarded for shopping? Yes, that exists! Like most of us, if you’re using credit for your purchases, consider pursuing credit card rewards. The rewards depend on your card, and your type of purchase, but nonetheless, it’s an absolute steal!

For a comparison of the cashback credit cards in Singapore, head over here, and see what percentage of your expenditure is returned!

Sell your own products (or rent)


This isn’t rocket science. Take a good look around your room – there has to be something there that you don’t particularly need or want, so why not put it up for someone who might want it? The possibilities here are endless, from digital software like games and apps, to clothes and even homemade cookies.

You can always set up a dedicated website for whatever you wish to sell, but if you’re not too keen on actively monitoring said website, you can always sell your item on an affiliate basis. This means that you sell your goods by offering it to websites related to them, or through an external platform such as Carousell, Singapore’s very own mobile marketplace.

Found an item you might want to give away? No fear, you can always rent it out at Rent Tycoons. Here, you can rent out anything from deep fryers to crutches for a fixed price, which ranges from $1 to $30 per day.

Help others on the way


Next time you’re at the grocery store or pet store, remember – someone’s out there stuck at work or at home, too busy to run their errands. Why not lend them a helping hand, and also earn some cash?

Wheregottime, a Singapore-based personal concierge and errand service, was created just for that. Here, you can do pharmacy or laundry runs, go gift-shopping, and even oversee repairs for customers who might be too busy.

Similarly, you can become a ‘bee’ at honestbee, a delivery platform which brings your food and groceries to your doorstep. Here you work based on your own schedule, which gives you the flexibility to run your own errands first, and you get paid weekly!

If you’re particularly fond of animals, and want to be a pet sitter, Pawshake might be the site for you. This platform is known for its reliability, including an insurance plan to give its clients peace of mind.

Likewise, if you prefer more domestic work, such as cleaning houses or caring for the elderly, then SendHelper or AfterYou might be more accommodating. This will truly allow you to reach out to those who might need help, while also being financially rewarded at the end of the day.  


Did you recently go to Japan? Did your matcha-crazy friend remind you (constantly) to buy her some authentic matcha powder when you were there?

If you’re a travel geek, or if you simply go to Malaysia over the weekend often, then why not run some errands for fellow Singaporeans on the way?

Shopandbox offers this service, wherein you, a Boxer, are assigned to a customer who may request items from the country you’re intending to visit. Simply buy the product for them and get paid! Likewise, airfrov provides the same services and extends their services from the United States to South Korea and more!  



Tutoring is also an easy way to earn some money at your convenience. Do make sure you’re fairly equipped and competent in the subject matter that you intend to teach, otherwise it will negatively impact your tutees and, of course, your pay.

You can sign up as a tutor on sites like ChampionTutor, a reliable platform through which you can be connected to tutees or parents out there looking for tutors.

Content Creation

How-do-I-make-fuss-free-money-content creation

This requires more creativity and passion, but it is a venture that is growing rapidly. Everything from YouTube videos to Google AdSense on your blogs fall under this umbrella.

The key here is to create compelling content, and to create enough of them that your income will be coming from multiple sources. There’s a good bit of work that goes into creating videos, but once a video is done, it can become a completely passive cash flow source for a very long time.

And if that wasn’t incentive enough, just remember that the top YouTuber in 2014 made $4.9 million unboxing toys. You heard me: making money from opening up packages.

In short, find a niche and capitalise on it.

Showcase your photography


Everyone uses stock photos, intentionally or otherwise. So why not make use of that? Photography websites such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto can provide you with platforms to sell your photos.

“Most microstock agencies offer a tiered commission rate, which means once you have X quantity of images sold and or hit X percentage of approval rate (for images submitted) you enjoy a higher commission rate,” says PhotoWorkout, a photography online magazine.

Write an e-book / blog / guide


Write a book? What?

It’s definitely a challenging process of hard work, constant refinement and exercising your brain. But once you have an end product, be it in manuscript or digital form, and once you focus on marketing it well, it can bestow upon you a passive revenue source for decades!

Think of J.K. Rowling, and how she still continues to earn revenue from her cherished Harry Potter series. Of course, to engage in something of such tremendous calibre and scope is daunting, but you can always start small. Write a simple e-cookbook, or create a simple guide where you provide specific information in an organised layout – you can make money there from advertisements through Google AdSense, affiliate links, and even memberships you can sell from your online guide.

If you’re more tech-savvy and have expertise in particular subjects, you can even create an online course instead of an online guide! After all, isn’t that how we have Khan Academy and Coursera?

That said, do make sure you write about something you’re keen on or knowledgeable about. Content sells, but only if it’s good content.

Create an app


You have a smartphone; I have a smartphone; everyone now has a smartphone. And where there are smartphones, there are apps. So try to think of a way you’d like to make your life easier, and create an app that’s both handy and convenient!

While there is huge competition out there in AppStore and Google Play, creative ideas can still shine through.

To do so, however, you do need some skill sets, such as coding and graphic design (pssst….you can write an online guide or e-book on this).

Of course, to learn coding from scratch requires immense effort and skill, and like most services, you can outsource this task to an external developer or agent. Do note that this will make the costs significantly higher, albeit you will have a professional looking application in your hands at the end of the day.

Business Ventures


Silent Partners

There are many successful businesses out here in Singapore that are still in need of capital for expansion. Why not engage with them and join them as a small-time investor? You provide the capital that they need, but rather than treating that sum as a loan, view it as a business investment.

With such an equity position in the business, you act as a silent partner, since the owner will still be the one responsible for the operations of the business. As a silent partner, you have lesser responsibility whilst you partake in the profits of the business. Learn more about the perks of being a silent partner here!

However, do make sure you’re knowledgeable in business finance and the more technical aspects of the nature of the business before diving in!

Referral Sources

Everyone wants a good word to be put in about them, from student testimonials to office recommendations. Now, imagine you’re a small business. You’re just a beginner, and you want more people to know about you. But how do you spread the word about yourself?

This is where referral sources come in. Referral sources are individuals or organisations who may engage with the business regularly, and hence are able to put in a good word for you at a certain cost. If you’re willing to be a referral source, simply head down to a small business you patronise often and see if they have any kind of cash referral marketing offer. Most referral sources come from the F&B industry, so do look out for new cafes and restaurants!

Growth Party is such a platform, where you can join as a growth affiliate and share a business’s services with your own network and social circle. By spreading the word, you earn from every sales meeting you schedule with the business!

These are just some general ways you can make use of your spare time to gain some profit. Like all things, find your passion and slowly work towards it, be it through active or passive income.

All the best!

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