King Zhuang Became Powerful Thanks to a Lady of Noble Character

Illustration by Mingguo/Epoch Times

By Su Lin

Lady Fan was a consort of King Zhuang of Chu. This virtuous lady displayed her wits and wisdom some 2,600 years ago. It was because of her that King Zhuang became one of the Five Hegemons during the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history (770–476 B.C.).

After he ascended the throne, King Zhuang was fond of hunting. Lady Fan reminded him a few times not to neglect the affairs of the state, but her advice fell on deaf ears. The king spent his time hunting game and had it turned into delicacies. Lady Fan refused to eat them.

Her resolution touched King Zhuang. He stopped gallivanting around the woods and devoted his time to running the state, and Chu became stronger.

King Zhuang favoured and trusted Yuqiu Zi, an official. One day, Yuqiu Zi spoke volubly in the imperial court, and King Zhuang was fascinated. He got carried away and forgot all about his meal.

Lady Fan was puzzled. She waited for the imperial court session to be over and asked him, “My lord, why did you not have your meal? Were you not hungry, or tired?”

The king could not contain his joy. “I forgot all about it while talking to an official of virtues.”

“Who is this official of virtues?” Lady Fan asked.

“Yuqiu Zi,” the king answered.

Lady Fan covered her mouth and smiled.

“What are you laughing at?” the king asked.

Lady Fan said, “Yuqiu Zi may be a talent, but I’m not sure about his loyalty.”

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