JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17: Millennials Champion Game-Changing Ideas That Could Revolutionise the World
Epoch Newsroom, 7 Mar 17

“Skillset is just one part of the equation. Attitude, energy and enthusiasm are so much more important than skillset alone." - Mr Eric van der Hoeven, CEO of JTH Group

It's your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude, said Mr Eric van der Hoeven, CEO of JTH Group, in an exclusive interview with Epoch Times.

JTH Group is a member of the Fortune Global 500-listed Jardine Matheson Group—a diversified business group focused principally on Asia.

The Group’s interests include Jardine Pacific, Jardine Motors, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Hongkong Land, Dairy Farm Group, Mandarin Oriental, Jardine Cycle & Carriage and Astra International.

“Skillset is just one part of the equation. Attitude, energy and enthusiasm are so much more important than skillset alone,” opined Mr Eric.

Mr Eric van der Hoeven, CEO of JTH Group at JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17, held on Mar 3, 2017, at The Arts House. (Epoch Times)

He envisions a change in employer/employee relationships within the next few years, resulting in more part-time, ad-hoc jobs (a bit like crowdsourcing) in the future. Mr Eric believes that if this comes to pass, tech-savvy Millennials will no longer be sitting in their offices eight hours a day.

“If you have a large problem that needs to be solved, or solutions that need to be developed, and when you don’t have an army of employees clocking in eight hours a day, you can work it through the Internet at any time of the day,” he shared.

Mr Eric flew in from Hong Kong to present awards to the winning teams at the JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17, held on Mar 3, 2017 at The Arts House in Singapore.

The participating teams of JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17 take a group photo with the judges after the event. (Courtesy of Glints)

JOS Innovation Awards is a competition organised by JOS, a systems integrator, solutions provider and technology consultancy with over 60 years’ experience in Asia. JOS is a division of the JTH Group.

The competition is open to students from polytechnics and universities in Singapore, and engages Millennials in a contest to come up with technology-driven ideas and solutions to modern-day problems.

Nine out of the 80 participating teams, from all the public polytechnics, universities and several private universities, were at The Arts House last Friday to deliver their innovative ideas to a panel of judges comprising of senior management from JOS.

The judges include Dr Gog Soon Joo, group director of Training Partners Group and chief research officer of SkillsFuture Singapore; Mr Mark Herbert, CEO of Dairy Farm Group; Mr Ian Potter, a Distinguished Fellow of INSEAD; Mr John Tan, CEO of Saturday Kids; Mr Mark Lunt, group managing director of JOS; and Mr Andrew Tan, managing director of JOS Singapore. 

Gerald Lim and James Ong from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) win platinum at JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17 held on Mar 3, 2017 at The Arts House. (Epoch Times)

Gerald Lim and James Ong from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) came up with an idea that won the platinum award.

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