Michael Jordan Faces More Trouble Over Name Rights in China
Ingo Timm, 9 Aug 17

The Qiaodan brand logo is displayed at a Qiaodan store in Hangzhou in China's Zhejiang province on December 8, 2016.(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Basketball icon Michael Jordan’s legal battle with Chinese sporting goods brand Qiaodan Sports Company looks to be far from over even after winning a lawsuit against them late last year.

That lawsuit, decided by China’s highest court after several lower courts ruled against Jordan, established Jordan’s ownership of the legal rights to the Chinese transliteration of his name.

In July, however, Qiaodan filed a lawsuit against Jordan and Fangda Partners, the law firm representing him in China, claiming an infringement of reputation. According to China News Service, the company is demanding compensation of 1.1 million yuan ($160 thousand) for the “malicious slander” and damage to its reputation caused by a letter sent by Fangda to the organizers of the 13th National Games of China. Qiaodan claimed that the letter had twisted content from the Supreme People’s Court’s (SPC) decision in an attempt to stop the organizers from working with the sportswear company.

Qiaodan also demanded a retraction of the letter along with a public apology.

Qiaodan’s lawyer, Chen Ruojian, said that the company “has had to undertake much effort to maintain its business relationship with its partners after Jordan and his lawyers made this attack.”

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