Global Tech Fair Comes to Singapore, Electrifies Entrepreneurship
Won Xue Li, 30 Sep 17


Credit: Slush Singapore

Slush conference hosts 3,000 attendees and 360 startups from over 60 countries

The booming tech conference Slush hosted its second Singapore instalment to great fanfare, with 3,000 attendees, 360 startups, and 215 investors.

“We promised that this year Slush Singapore would be bigger, better and bolder - and we delivered just that!” said Anna Ratala, head of Slush Singapore, which was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on 19 September 2017.

Slush, a “student-driven non-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes towards entrepreneurship”, has been making a global presence. Started in Finland, the huge entrepreneurship assembly has ventured to other innovation hubs in the world, such​ as Tokyo, Shanghai, and recently, Singapore.

Electrifying Entrepreneurship and Provoking Thought

The Singapore event kicked off with a fireside chat with Former Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Roivas, about the Digital Estonia plan. The plan helped Estonia build successful companies such as Skype and TransferWise and has taken other Estonian startups forward.

Former Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Roivas  Credit: Slush Singapore

Ideas on innovation and entrepreneurship continued to fly at Slush’s three different talk stages – the Black Stage, White Stage and Grey Stage - which ran concurrently throughout the event.

The Black Stage presented the insights of problem solvers and change-makers in the region. The White Stage hosted thought leaders and entrepreneurs, who shared pressing issues and thought-provoking perspectives of the current and future society. The Grey Stage was where the Top 30 Startups of the Pitch Competition pitched their business plans.

Also among the highlights was the Startup Demo Area, where startups showcased their ideas and products to attendees and potential investors. There was also the Meeting Area, where investors and startups could meet up for negotiations.

Helsinki-based Tridify, which designs virtual reality software for building construction, was one of the tech startups at the event. “It was great, I had meetings with potential investors and clients during the Slush event,” said a Tridify representative.

Dragon Law, a cloud-based legal software for law firms, also voiced their satisfaction with the event. Lance Chua, sales executive of Dragon Law, said: “Slush was incredible for us, and especially since it was during Singapore's Innovation Week. It was absolutely relevant for all attendees. Furthermore, getting exposed to startups from all across the globe was fantastic. We did well for our targets, and generated a great number of leads from the event!”

Ms Ratala says that the feedback thus far has been positive. Not only have they received praise on the registration process and their volunteers’ enthusiasm, Investor Day, the pre-event for investors, was also lauded as “the best investor event in Singapore”.

Anna Ratala, head of Slush Singapore  Credit: Slush Singapore

Ms Ratala added that Slush Singapore’s expectations were met and even exceeded in many ways. “We received lots of great feedback on our stage content, sent six Pitch Competition finalists on a World Domination Tour and managed to put Singapore on the map as the hotspot of Southeast Asia for all our overseas delegates,” she said.

The Next Big Event

“Slush Singapore is setting the pace of being bold and different - and we need to continue that,” said Ms Ratala. “Now every event wants to be dark and have an opening show - but that's already old news for us. We are on the lookout for new concepts. If we are here to shake up the event scene, we might as well do it properly,” she added.

Slush is looking to not only improve the attendee numbers, but more importantly, improve the attendee experience and add more personalized and targeted content.

The next Slush event will be held in Helsinki, Finland from 30 Nov - 1 Dec and will see an exciting line-up of speakers - including Al Gore, former US vice-president and current chairman of Generation Investment Management, as well as Nasdaq President Adena Friedman, .

Stay tuned to Slush’s event webpage for more information.


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