To Gauge Emotion, Close Your Eyes And Listen
Yale University, 12 Oct 17

(Credit: Getty Images)

Tone of voice—not facial expressions—may be the best way to figure out what someone is feeling.

Speedy internet connections and cheap video calling have made face-to-face interaction easier than ever.  But, a new study suggests that audio-only conversations may offer the clearest communication.

Body language and facial expressions have been extensively studied for the emotions they convey in conversations. But that’s precisely why they can be more deceptive, says Michael Kraus, assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale University School of Management.

“Misleading people through vocal expressions is more unlikely because controlling vocals is much harder to do.”

“There’s now a lot of discussion about how to look more confident, or how to hide certain less desirable emotion states by using non-verbal communication.

“There is a chance that people might mislead listeners with their nonverbal communication. Misleading people through vocal expressions is more unlikely because controlling vocals is much harder to do.”

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