Street Art: Young Italians Shake Camorra’s Hold On Public Space
Felia Allum, Luca Palermo, 17 Nov 17

Inward, Author provided

In some ways, Naples is really two cities in one. By day, it’s a city of such beauty and character that it’s often used as a set for films. But by night, away from the busy piazzas, the isolated side streets become the stage for violent turf wars, as young, ambitious criminals seek to dominate lawless streets.

From afar, it appears that not much has changed in Naples. The city’s traditional problems persist; crime, and the fear of it, continues to cripple the local community, at times scaring people from going out at night, starting new businesses and letting children play in the streets. Objections are stifled by an “omertà” – a conspiracy of silence, fed by fear of retribution, which stops people from speaking out against organised crime groups.

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