Mom Raises Awareness About Co-sleeping With Child After 8-Day-Old Baby Dies in Her Arms
Janita Kan,, 27 Nov 17

Sleeping newborn boy (Vera Kratochvil/PublicDomainPictures)

A young mom from the UK was left devastated after waking up to find her 8-day-old son had died in her arms after they fell asleep together on the couch.

Chelsea Love, 24, had just taken her newborn son, Leo, out of his bouncy chair after she noticed he was falling asleep.

The exhausted mom from north Hull then placed Leo on his back on her chest for a cuddle, then accidentally fell asleep herself, with the baby snuggled up next to her, according to Hull Daily Mail.

An hour later, she was frantically woken up by Leo’s father, Sam Coles, who noticed their son had changed color.

Leo was rushed to the Hull Royal Infirmary, where the doctors desperately tried to save him. They managed to restart his heart and transferred the baby to Leeds hospital for specialist treatment.

Hull Royal Infirmary (Screenshot via Google maps)

During treatment, CT scans showed Leo had suffered extensive brain damage and would never recover. He died on Oct. 26, last year, after his parents made the heartbreaking decision to turn off his life support.

One year later, Love would like to share her story with other mothers to raise awareness about the dangers of co-sleeping with a child.

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