Language is pervasive throughout the criminal justice system. A textual chain follows a person from the moment they are arrested ...
David Wright
Sat, 19 Aug 17
Successive generations’ healthy disregard of the previous generation’s tastes, habits and customs is a necessary ingredient of human progress. But ...
Karen West
Sat, 19 Aug 17
The word “nice” has an unusual history in the English language.
Kun Zhao, Luke Smillie
Wed, 16 Aug 17
After conducting a new research approach using actual commutes, engineers discovered a simple shift can reduce the health risks of ...
Erika Ebsworth
Tue, 15 Aug 17
As consumers become increasingly dissatisfied with conventional, large-scale food systems, they are seeking ways to reconnect with their food. For ...
Kelly J Hodgins
Mon, 14 Aug 17
An Epoch Times Survey
Sharoon Thomas could have applied and begun the multi-month wait last year to secure his permanent residence through the startup ...
Rahul Vaidyanath
Sat, 12 Aug 17
Back around 2007, Gordon Hartman was watching his daughter, Morgan, playing in a pool. She was 18, but with the ...
Petr Svab
Sat, 12 Aug 17
There’s been no shortage of pessimistic news on climate change lately. A group of climate scientists and policy experts recently ...
Jon Christensen
Fri, 11 Aug 17
How would you feel if your right to freedom of movement was infringed because other people your age were involved ...
Tracy Kirk
Wed, 9 Aug 17
Until the advent of cheap credit and cheaper item costs, for many consumers in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s rental ...
Christine Cole, Alex Gnanapragasam
Wed, 9 Aug 17
AcuSLIM - Acupuncture Weight Loss Programme
Does it matter that people seem to have become more interested in suicide – expressing more suicidal thoughts, while becoming ...
Jon-Patrick Allem
Wed, 9 Aug 17
Although many people say they want to protect their personal information, privacy tends to take a backseat to convenience and ...
May Wong
Tue, 8 Aug 17
A ten-year-old girl was recently denied an abortion by the Supreme Court of India. She was a victim of rape, ...
Madhumita Pandey
Mon, 7 Aug 17
How do you know what the weather will be like tomorrow? How do you know how old the Universe is? ...
Peter Ellerton
Mon, 7 Aug 17