The Liberal National Party has promised that if it wins the upcoming Queensland election it will introduce a “standalone” domestic ...
Marilyn McMahon, Paul McGorrery
Thu, 23 Nov 17
What does society want and need from the arts and humanities? That’s a question that we’ve been asking in a ...
Tim Cole
Thu, 23 Nov 17
For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is not synonymous with blessings and praise. Rather, the day is a reminder of a ...
U. Arizona
Thu, 23 Nov 17
New research links one form of social withdrawal, called “unsociability,” with creativity.
Bert Gambini
Wed, 22 Nov 17
People who have been in an abusive relationship often don’t realise it until they’ve left it, so looking at the ...
Jozica Kutin, Mike Reid, Roslyn Russell
Tue, 21 Nov 17
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In his new book, author David Pellow argues that environmental issues and social justice are connected.
Julie Cohen
Tue, 21 Nov 17
Take a moment to think back to the first classroom you ever entered, whether it was at school, or nursery, ...
Helen O'Sullivan
Mon, 20 Nov 17
This article is part of an ongoing series from the Post-Truth Initiative, a Strategic Research Excellence Initiative at the University ...
Colin Wight
Sat, 18 Nov 17
The word radicalisation has been hijacked by the war on terror and become interchangeable with extremism. But radicalisation is happening ...
Robert F. Hesketh
Sat, 18 Nov 17
What is the most important factor you consider before choosing where you might make a donation to charity? Most people ...
Yvetta Simonyan
Sat, 18 Nov 17
An Epoch Times Survey
While dating and personal ads have been around for decades, the way we meet the people we date has changed ...
Chaim Kuhnreich
Fri, 17 Nov 17
The value of products we’ve seen in the recent past influences how much people say they’ll pay for other items, ...
James Devitt
Thu, 16 Nov 17
When it comes to planning better cities for the future there’s one simple rule: connect people to places, people to ...
Reena Tiwari
Thu, 16 Nov 17
New research clarifies how a powerful individual can convince a group of people to disregard a statement of fact—no matter ...
Jim Medina
Thu, 16 Nov 17