The Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) has launched a website that aims to inform Filipino taxpayers about the additional expenses they ...
Karlo Mongaya
Sat, 19 Aug 17
China on Monday, Aug.14, issued an order to implement the United Nations sanctions imposed on the communist regime North Korea ...
NTD Television
Fri, 18 Aug 17
Dealing with North Korea’s ambitions for nuclear weapons has vexed the past four U.S. presidents.
Jeffrey Fields
Fri, 18 Aug 17
Beyond carrying all of our phone, text and internet communications, cyberspace is an active battleground, with cybercriminals, government agents and ...
Dorothy Denning
Thu, 17 Aug 17
Kim Jong Un, the dictator of the North Korean communist regime, backed down from his threat to launch a nuclear ...
Joshua Philipp
Thu, 17 Aug 17
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Chinese Taobao vendors engaged in the sale of customised online photo and video messages that feature African children have faced ...
Jun Pang
Wed, 16 Aug 17
Editor’s note: Under a trade deal concluded in May, China has begun exporting chicken to the United States. Critics have ...
Maurice Pitesky
Wed, 16 Aug 17
As citizens of India and Pakistan celebrate 70 years of their independence in August, they will also remember 1947 as ...
Haimanti Roy
Wed, 16 Aug 17
The current flare-up over North Korea’s missile tests and Donald Trump’s belligerent response is frightening for many, but anyone worried ...
Ra Mason
Tue, 15 Aug 17
Peat means different things to different people. To many Irish people, it means fuel. To the Scottish, it adds a ...
Samantha Grover, Linda Sukamta, Robert Edis
Mon, 14 Aug 17
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Taiwan is ramping up its efforts to rescue Lee Ming-che, a Taiwanese rights activist who has been imprisoned by China ...
Paul Huang
Sat, 12 Aug 17
Taiwanese who wish to take part in international organizations face an enormous hurdle called the One-China Policy, which China uses ...
I-fan Lin
Fri, 11 Aug 17
The Chinese economy is strange in many ways. Not only is it a hybrid between private capital and state control, ...
Valentin Schmid
Thu, 10 Aug 17
Basketball icon Michael Jordan’s legal battle with Chinese sporting goods brand Qiaodan Sports Company looks to be far from over ...
Ingo Timm
Wed, 9 Aug 17