We all know what it’s like to forget something. A loved one’s birthday. A childhood memory. Even people capable of ...
Christopher Stanton
Sat, 19 Aug 17
Right now, there are two ways to be safe crossing a road: Wait until no cars are close by, so ...
Michael Clamann
Sat, 19 Aug 17
Insect defecation may not seem like one of the pressing scientific inquiries of our time, but in fact the faeces ...
Prayan Pokharel
Fri, 18 Aug 17
Using the Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO), astrophysicists have been able to observe an exploding star slamming into a nearby companion ...
Julie Cohen
Fri, 18 Aug 17
Every coastal country on Earth could meet its own domestic seafood needs through aquaculture using just a small fraction of ...
Jenny Seifert
Thu, 17 Aug 17
AcuSLIM - Acupuncture Weight Loss Programme
Researchers have found evidence of poor computer security practices among common, open-source DNA processing programs.
Jennifer Langston
Thu, 17 Aug 17
It’s no secret that Silicon Valley employs many more men than women in tech jobs. What’s much harder to agree ...
Alice H. Eagly
Thu, 17 Aug 17
Government officials continue to seek technology companies’ help fighting terrorism and crime. But the most commonly proposed solution would severely ...
Megan Squire
Wed, 16 Aug 17
“Smart” home control devices promise to do many things, including helping households reduce their energy bills.
Yolande Strengers, Larissa Nicholls
Wed, 16 Aug 17
Facebook’s latest attempt to appeal to teens has quietly closed its doors. The social media platform’s Lifestage app (so unsuccessful ...
Harry T Dyer
Tue, 15 Aug 17
An Epoch Times Survey
A paper by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne estimates that around 47 percent of total US employment is ...
Athena Wang
Mon, 14 Aug 17
Usain Bolt has finally hung up his running shoes, retiring from athletics amid plaudits hailing him as the greatest athlete ...
Kate R. Saunders, Alec G. Stephenson
Mon, 14 Aug 17
Like a B-movie for a post-Brexit era, consumers in Britain may soon be unwillingly cast in the 2019 blockbuster, Attack ...
Caroline Spence
Mon, 14 Aug 17
My idea of a scientist was someone in a lab, making hypotheses and testing theories. We often think of science ...
Sophie Lewis
Sat, 12 Aug 17