Many people believe free radicals, the sometimes-toxic molecules produced by our bodies as we process oxygen, are the culprit behind ...
Cynthia Lee
Tue, 27 Jun 17
A new study shows that younger kids tend to eat healthier snacks than adolescents, and researchers say waning parental oversight ...
David Orenstein
Tue, 27 Jun 17
Healthy circulation in the legs requires healthy veins and valves, and what vein doctors call the “second heart.”
Luis Navarro
Tue, 27 Jun 17
“Social jet lag,” the time difference experienced between sleep patterns on days off compared to work days, may have a ...
University of Arizona
Tue, 27 Jun 17
By Jason Christoff, Healing the Body Coffee has become arguably the biggest habit ever known to mankind, and the facts ...
Jason Christoff
Mon, 26 Jun 17
Last month, I wrote about “The Six Evils” which is how Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies the external causes of disease. ...
Jennifer Dubowsky
Fri, 23 Jun 17
Butter has gotten a bad rap for many years, starting in the last century with the rise of margarine, which ...
Margie King
Fri, 23 Jun 17
Invocations of Jesus, images of the cross and biblical scripture are unlikely to be what we envision when we think ...
Andrea Jain
Fri, 23 Jun 17
Most of Britain is experiencing a heatwave, with temperatures reaching up to 32℃. The public health watchdog for England has ...
Hannah Moir, Chris Howe
Thu, 22 Jun 17
Have you ever woken up more tired than you were when you went to bed? Exhaustion is plaguing our nation, ...
Jordyn Cormier
Thu, 22 Jun 17
An Epoch Times Survey
Describing vegetables with words normally used for indulgent foods can get people to eat more of them, a new study ...
Stanford University
Thu, 22 Jun 17
If you’re on a mission to trim your waistline, it can be extremely frustrating to plateau on your weight loss ...
Maggie McCracken
Thu, 22 Jun 17
When you hurt your back, two questions will likely cross your mind: “Does this mean I’m getting old?” and “What ...
Katie Medlock
Thu, 22 Jun 17
Imagine a day where you don’t have to wait weeks to see your GP, followed by a further wait for ...
Rami Qahwaji
Wed, 21 Jun 17