Smartphones Might Do More Harm Than Good For Our Youth

By Mandy Huang

Children are now getting cell phones on average at the age of ten, and as a result, they’re becoming glued to their smartphones at a younger and younger age. Smartphones are changing family and school dynamics, and many are witnessing their negative impact.

Movements to reduce screen time, like “Away For The Day” & “Wait Until 8th” are consequently on the rise. Many parents want to transform middle schools into cell-free spaces and don’t want to supply their children with smartphones before eighth grade.

According to a collaborative study by Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital and others, seventy-five percent of teachers report students attention span has decreased and fifty-six percent of 8th graders who use social media report feeling unhappy.

Other researchers also claim that cellphone is damaging brain development, interfering with sleep, serving as distraction from homework, and putting kids at the risk of cyber bullying.

Fortunately, there are tools that kids can use to reduce their risk, and parental monitoring can play a crucial role.

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