How an Avid Shopper Saved Herself From “Stuffocation”

asan minimalist clean room

By Cindy Liew
Epoch Times 

In Asan’s 247m2 home, there are only 9 large pieces of furniture.

asan clean room

asan clean room 3

Having moved to this new home for two years, she finds the number of items in her house decreasing.

In the past, however, she used to spend a lot of time shopping online.

I had about 200 hats and more than 100 pairs of shoes in my collection,” says Asan.

“I really liked to buy lipsticks. Sometimes I could buy 60 – 70 lipsticks in a year.”

“Same for ear accessories. I think I had more than 100 ear accessories.”

In Asan’s old home, all sorts of things were cluttered up in that 90m2 space, making her feel incredibly frustrated every day.

asan clean room 4
asan hats

“When my friends came to visit me, they could not even find a spot to sit,” says Asan.

She threw away all her past furniture when she moved to the new house as she wanted to give her new home a different style.

asan messy room
Asan’s felt frustrated of her room every day in the past

Surprised by how Asan’s new home looked like, one of Asan’s friends recommended her to watch the Japanese drama called Watashi no Uchi ni wa Nanimo Nai, which translates to, “I Have Nothing in My House.”

After watching the drama, Asan simply felt she had the same sentiments as the female lead.

“I felt I had to take action right away!” says Asan.

She identified 100 things in her home that she no longer needed and threw them away the night after she watched the drama. In fact, she didn’t sleep at all.

“That was 10 bags filled with stuff. The house looked new immediately,” she recalls.

“The first thing I threw away was a writing desk.”

“The most expensive thing I’ve thrown away was a sofa.  A real leather one.”

“I like to release stress from work through tidying up my house,” says Asan.

Being a minimalist, Asan has her own rules for how her home should be like.

“There has to be nothing on the top of my desk.”

“There has to be nothing on the kitchen counter.”

“And I can’t stand having fingerprints on my drinking glass.”

asan minimalist clean kitchen
asan clean clean cup

Every time Asan buys a new item, she’d throw away at least one existing similar thing.

As an online store owner, she does not like to recommend things for customers to buy.

And her advice is, NEVER buy what you do not need or like.

“I hope everyone can shop rationally,”says Asan.




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