These Japanese Snowmen Will Blow Your Mind!

By Won Xue Li

Epoch Times Staff 

You probably caught a chill when temperature in Singapore dropped to 22 degrees celsius earlier in January. The cold spell hit Japan during the same period, with capital Tokyo experiencing the heaviest snowfall in years. The weather halted train services and stranded cars on the roads, blemishing Japan’s reputation for its near-perfect transport record.

The blizzard, however, did not dampen the Japanese spirit in many, as they took the opportunity to create snowmen using their out-of-the-world creativity. From pop-culture icons like Totoro to Bulbasaur, these Japanese-made snowmen looked unbelievably advanced and irresistibly kawaii!

Check out these photos from Twitter and Instagram:

Ghibli favourites were popular choices when it came to snowman-making for obvious reasons:

Credit Melanpong@ go_h 6
Credit Wonder@_ppi__oO
Credit Hiroe-beach@beach_h_


Credit lalala.lov.

There was an adorable line-up of snowmen representing the ex-members of now defunct boy band SMAP:

Credit My best! SMAP@ 19880909smap

Of course, we can’t forget Eevee from Pokemon!

Credit Project Eve@project_eevee

Interestingly, the Japanese word for snowman is Yukidaruma, which translates to ‘snow daruma’. Darumas are popular hollow, round traditional dolls modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism.

A row of daruma dolls were also spotted by the roadside.

Credit Kitchen@ notata_kite

Wouldn’t you agree that these ‘snowmen’ looked so more sophisticated, coming from the country that produces some of the world’s most innovative and creative and cool artwork?

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