Trump-Kim Meeting and The Luxury Hotels in Singapore

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By Cindy Liew
Epoch Times Staff

In less than a week’s time, the Trump-Kim meeting will be held in Singapore and the venue has just been decided — the Capella Hotel in Sentosa.

Previously, many guessed that the historical meeting might be held at the Shangri-La Hotel as the area around it was announced to be a ‘special event area’ for the summit. This includes Bukit Timah Road, Newton Circle, Scotts Road, Loewen Road and Chatsworth Road.

So far, Shangri-La Hotel has been fully booked from 11 to 13 June.

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Colonial Manor Master Room
(Credit: Capella Singapore)

Why Was Capella Hotel Chosen As The Summit Venue?

A 5-star hotel located at 1 The Knolls on Sentosa Island, Capella provides 4 room types — rooms, suites, villas and manors.

Its most luxurious Colonial manors are 436 square metres, which offer an exclusive villa accommodation experience in beautifully restored buildings.

The Colonial Manor costs about S$10,000 per night excluding taxes and fees.

Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Capella-Singapore-2
Colonial Manor Family Room
(Credit: Capella Singapore)

The choice of Capella Hotel could be due to safety concerns as there is only a 700 metre causeway connecting mainland Singapore and Sentosa.

Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Capella-Singapore-3
Colonial Manor Living Room
(Credit: Capella Singapore)
Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Capella-Singapore-4
Colonial Manor Poolside
(Credit: Capella Singapore)

Dr Malcolm Cook from The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) said, “Even on Sentosa Island, Capella’s location is separate from most of the other hotels as well, so you could really create a safe space for the summit to happen without creating much disruption at all.”

Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Capella-Singapore-5
Board Room
(Credit: Capella Singapore)

Kim Wants To Stay At The Fullerton Hotel

Something to note is that the North Korean leader mentioned that he wanted to stay at the Fullerton Hotel during the summit, according to a recent report by The Washington Post. However, it was requested by him that other countries pay for his accommodation.

The 5-star hotel could charge about US$6000 per night for its presidential suites.

Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Fullerton-Singapore-1
Presidential Suite
(Credit: The Fullerton Hotel)

North Korea is currently under stringent sanctions, and it claimed that it cannot afford to pay for foreign travel costs.

It is not the first time that North Korea is asking other countries to pay for its bills, however.

Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Fullerton-Singapore-2
Presidential Suite
(Credit The Fullerton Hotel)

In the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, South Korea prepared $2.6 million to pay for travel and accommodation for members of the North Korean visiting delegation.

“North Korea can build nukes and ICBMs, but claim they are too poor to pay for foreign travel costs,” commented Sung-Yoon Lee, a scholar of Korean and East Asian studies at the Tufts University.

Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Fullerton-Singapore-3
Presidential Suite
(Credit: The Fullerton Hotel)
Trump-Kim Meeting-Luxury-Hotel-Fullerton-Singapore-4
Presidential Suite
(Credit: The Fullerton Hotel)

On 5 June, the US State Department has confirmed that the U.S. will not pay for the North Korean officials’ stay in Singapore during the summit.

So, will Singapore end up paying for it?




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