Vietnamese Community Has Warning About Communist China

Vietnamese man holds placard in Melbourne, Australia, to call for end to Chinese Communist Party militarisation of South China Sea on Sept. 30, 2018. (Leigh Smith/Facebook)
Yesterday Is Tibet, Today Is Vietnam, Tomorrow Is Australia’
By Melanie Sun

The Melbourne Vietnamese community held a rally in Federation Square on Sept. 30 to protest against the invasion of Vietnam by the Chinese Communist Party through its “One Belt, One Road” project.

The organizers of the rally had a warning for anyone listening: if Australia does not guard against the influence of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) soft power, it will become the next target of the communist regime.

“Yesterday is Tibet, today is Vietnam, and tomorrow is Australia,” they said.

The rally attracted hundreds of people from the local Vietnamese community as well as people from all walks of life across Melbourne, one day before the anniversary of the CCP’s establishment on Oct. 1.

Vietnamese Community Federation Chairman Bon Nguyen, Vietnamese religious leaders, Australian intelligence and security expert Paul Monk, and Tibetan community chairman Tenzin Khangsar all spoke at the rally.

“Communist China and Chinese people are two different things. Chinese people are our friends. Chinese people are living in harmony in our community,” Nguyen said. He added that the Chinese people themselves are also suffering from the CCP’s persecution in China.

“In Australia, we do not want to stand idle. Tomorrow, we will see Australia be next because we see what has happened in Tibet, because we are witnessing what is happening in Vietnam now. The Chinese communist are trying to expand their borders, and this is what happened in Vietnam.”

Vietnamese Sovereignty Under Threat

In June, the Vietnamese Communist government drafted a bill to create three SEZs in northern, central, and southern Vietnam, and Phu Quoc Island, which will allow foreign investors to lease land in these areas for up to 99 years.

According to the Central News Agency, the draft triggered the Vietnamese people to question whether their government was “selling land and country to China.” Large-scale protests broke out in several cities across Vietnam.

Linh Lan@LinhLan76704617

Today, in southern Vietnam, people protested everywhere to protest the Vietnamese government’s approval of the bill for Chinese businesses to lease land in three special economic zones in .

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Anh Chí@AnhChiVN

There are many protests in several cities & provinces throughout against & .

One protester who participated in the Ho Chi Minh City protests said: “the 99-year land lease law will directly affect Vietnam’s sovereignty and allow Vietnam to fall into the hands of China. Vietnamese people may lose 5,000 years of history from the world.”


HOT: Wave of online protests sweeps over in opposition to planned legislation (June 15) that will let foreigners lease Vân Đồn, Phú Quốc, Vân Phong for 99 years and turn them into Special Economic Zones. Many call it a backdoor for China and an act of treason.

“We, the Vietnamese community, have been the victims of the Chinese communist regime for years,” he said.


Unbelievable: Teacher Đào Quang Thục, who protested against the Formosa pollution disaster, was given a 14-year sentence plus 5 years house arrest, for “attempt to overthrow the regime”. @hrw


A church in N.Central Vietnam boldly denounces the communist’s mistreatment of PoC

Regional Instability

Nguyen said that the Vietnamese people’s resistance to the bill had been violently suppressed by the Vietnamese Communist Party, with some protesters being jailed.

“If you are not allowed to fish, you’re not allowed to carry on your normal activity in Vietnam, [and] you’re not allowed to enter certain location that you normally enter, then that’s a restriction of human rights.”

Recently, this has resulted in some Vietnamese fishermen fleeing to Australia, Nguyen said.

“Vietnamese people try to escape from Vietnam and seek freedom from another country. I hope that it’s not a massive exodus for Vietnam, but there has been evidence that the Vietnamese escape from Vietnam not just to Australia, but to Thailand and Indonesia.”

In an open letter to the Australian public, the organizers said that the CCP’s ambitions of hegemony and the treacherous kowtow actions of the Vietnamese Communist Party “pose a real threat to Australia’s security and sovereignty.”

Communist China has been aggressively invading and dominating Vietnam by stealth, the letter reads.

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