10 Ways to Add Life to a Small Bathroom

(Credit: Vizzitor @ Instagram)
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by Ritchelle Ann Ona

A bathroom’s design is important for any house. There’s a reason why it’s called restroom in the first place. It should be a place where we can all relax.

Never is a bathroom’s limited size an excuse for it not to be as stylish and functional as it can be.

Here are some tips.

Open shower and floor tile extending all the way up the shower wall (Credit: cuded.com @ Pinterest)
  1. Open Shower. With no door to scrub and hinder any movement, a chic open shower is definitely a space saver. Likewise, because there’s no step-over curb, the shower is accessible to the elderly and to those with mobility issues.

Bonus tip: If you can make the floor tile extend all the way up the shower wall, you’ll have the illusion of more space.

(Credit: Allison’s Tiny House Visions @ Pinterest)

2. Curved Edges and Strategic Placement. The placement of the toilet in this bathroom design is a stroke of genius. The curved edges of almost everything in the bathroom wasn’t by accident either. White fixtures and gray walls wouldn’t be enough, so the quirky pop of orange adds life to this funky design.

Use one colour to give your bathroom an open space look  (Credit: houzz.com)

3.One Colour. To achieve an open space bathroom, use one colour or opt for a limited number of shades from the same colour family.


    Mind the tiles   (Credit: euroviewinc.com @ Pinterest)


4. Tile Lines. Two options: Arrange your tiles so that they run across the most narrow dimension of the room to increase the visual width.

You can also create movement with tile patterns. Check out the herringbone pattern that draws your eyes to the V shape, making the space look wider.

A small bathroom can benefit from large grout    (Credit: bathstore.com)

5. Small Bathroom, Large Grout. Small bathrooms look even tinier with small tiles because the numerous grout lines make the space even more compact. Get big, plain tiles with few grout lines instead.

Hang everything to save on precious bathroom space    (Credit: bathstore.com)


6. Hang Everything. Create more space and invest in hooks and rails for towels, clothes and other bathroom necessities. Hooks and rails won’t interrupt the decor of your shower space.

Mirrors create the illusion of space                     (Credit: homebuilding.co.uk)

7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Well-placed mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space by bouncing light across the room. It’s also a practical solution for tiles on the walls. A large, wall-length mirror is even better.

Then there was light.                                            (Credit: tilejunket.com.au)


8. Light Natural light works wonders in making a space feel more open. Let it flow into the bathroom.

Wall mount it   (Credit: roomsketcher.com)

9. Wall Mount Everything. Free up space on the floor. Maximise the walls. Wall mount your vanity sink and toilet.

Who says they’re just corners?            (Credit: contendsocial.co)

10. Sit and Wash in the Corner. Instal a corner toilet and a corner sink, and you wouldn’t think about needing more space in your small bathroom anymore.

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