September 2017

singapore tax haven

Witch-Hunting for Tax Havens

With recent international developments, now is a bad time to be labelled as a tax haven. Last year’s Panama Papers leak divulged several global elites and politicians who were using tax havens to squirrel away their wealth from tax obligations, forcing named politicians like Iceland’s ex-prime minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson and Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz

singapore grow our own food

Singapore: Grow Our Own Food, or Perish?

Our quest for good food is limited only by the depths of our stomachs and the size of our wallets. Food culture is an integral part of the Singaporean identity, and access to reasonably priced food is something we often take for granted. We can easily be forgiven if food security is the furthest thing

Paul Berthelsen, founder of Perk Coffee

Meet the Kenyan Farmer Who Launched Perk Coffee in Singapore

Hailing from Kenya, farmer Paul Berthelsen started Perk Coffee in 2015 after finding a gap in the coffee industry – the lack of fresh, roasted on demand coffee. Perk Coffee offers coffee as a subscription service, sending freshly roasted beans (or ground coffee) to each customer’s doorstep. In search of the finest coffee, Paul moved



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