February 2018

Thieves' Market at Sungei Road will close in July; July 10 will be its last day. (Photo Credit: Sammy Yeo Jun Soon)

Stolen Stories: Sungei Road’s Last Page

The Sungei Road Market is as much anthem as it is entity – if you look a little closer, a treasure is actually lying out in the open. Antique timepieces rest beside mobile chargers and colourful plastic jewellery. A Barbie sits patiently, her dress a little weathered but still pretty. Underneath a table, an old

singapore - should small countries keep quiet

Should Small Countries Keep Quiet?

The unflattering phrase, “Little Red Dot”, has repeatedly being used to describe Singapore for its small geographical size. Despite its land constraints, Singapore has zealously guarded its sovereignty with unwavering determination to “punch above its weight”. Perhaps this explains the furore unleashed when the Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Professor

singapore security at a crossroads

People and Society at A Crossroads – Part 1

To some Singaporeans, the 1960s invoke nostalgic remembrance of the ‘good old days’. Our communities were close-knit and people enjoyed quality time spent with family. Although our forefathers are not as affluent as we are now, they are mostly contented with a life unshackled by materialism. To them, life was worth more than chasing dollars



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