NOAH Desktop Cable Organiser01

Design of Tomorrow

Are you frustrated with the dangling cables on your work desk? Won’t it be nice if there’s an organiser that stores these cables efficiently and elegantly on your table? Three Industrial Design students from National […]

10 Restaurant Quality Food at Hawker19

10 Restaurant Quality Food at Hawker

When you think of hawker food, it’s almost instant to relate the term to “street food”. Well, think again. Is it possible to enjoy restaurant-quality food at hawker price? Check out the 10 not-so-ordinary hawker […]

Kudlow: Socialism Brings Poverty, Not Prosperity
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Kudlow: Socialism Brings Poverty, Not Prosperity

WASHINGTON—Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow denounced socialism, which has become popular among Democratic presidential candidates, calling the political ideology “a loser.” “Look, I am an ex-Democrat,” Kudlow said. “Actually, I have worked for two […]

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5 Best Free Photo Editor Apps in 2019

Today, Instagram is probably the most trending photo and video sharing platform out there. However, its photo editing options are quite limited, pushing many Instagrammers to search for other apps to do the job. With […]