April 2019

NOAH Desktop Cable Organiser01

Design of Tomorrow

Are you frustrated with the dangling cables on your work desk? Won’t it be nice if there’s an organiser that stores these cables efficiently and elegantly on your table? Three Industrial Design students from National University of Singapore (NUS) –  Chow Jia Yi, Kevin Chiam and Ryan Chan Shi Ming – recently embarked on a

National Gallery, housed in the former Supreme Court

What to see at National Gallery Singapore 

Singapore’s famous national monuments – the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings – are combined and reopened as the National Gallery Singapore on November 24, 2015. The two historical buildings, connected by a handsome aluminium and glass canopy, took ten years and cost S$532 million to restore. Situated in Singapore’s Civic District, its striking

10 Restaurant Quality Food at Hawker19

10 Restaurant Quality Food at Hawker

When you think of hawker food, it’s almost instant to relate the term to “street food”. Well, think again. Is it possible to enjoy restaurant-quality food at hawker price? Check out the 10 not-so-ordinary hawker stalls that you must visit for their A-quality food. The Plug Food Co. Address: Best Café Coffeeshop, Block 1A Eunos

Credit : marinamandarinsg @ Instagram

10 Best Dim Sum Places in Singapore 2019

Dim sum, which can be literally translated as a “touch of the heart”, is a cuisine loved universally by Singaporeans. Ranging from sweet to savoury, dim sum consists of bite-sized dishes that are usually served from morning to early afternoon, and is thus also known as the “Chinese brunch”. Below, we have listed out 10

McDonald 04

12 Best Limited Edition Items From McDonald’s

While nothing beats a good ol’ fries and McSpicy combo at McDonald’s, their limited edition menu items are a delightful treat for the adventurous. Featuring 12 of McDonald’s limited edition items, walk down memory lane with us as we hope for a comeback! 1) Prosperity Burger This seasonal menu item has made annual comebacks during

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5 Best Free Photo Editor Apps in 2019

Today, Instagram is probably the most trending photo and video sharing platform out there. However, its photo editing options are quite limited, pushing many Instagrammers to search for other apps to do the job. With so many photo editor apps out there, it is surely challenging to find the best one to suit your needs.


12 Michelin Star Singapore Hawker Stalls

There’s no need to break the bank or buy a plane ticket just for a chance to taste Michelin starred food; you can do that right here in Singapore on a shoestring budget! That’s right, you can enjoy a plate of top-notch fare at these hawker centre stalls that are either on Michelin’s Bib Gourmand


The Chinese Empresses Whose Wisdom Enriched Dynastic Rule

Throughout China’s long history, many dynasties were established by men of strength and ambition. Yet the wise and virtuous women who stood alongside them were no less instrumental in shaping the character and heritage of Chinese civilisation. Classical Chinese culture values women who apply their intellect and wisdom to assist fathers, husbands, and sons in

shilin night market in Singapore 2019

Shilin Night Market is Finally in Singapore

1. Be prepared for the huge crowd. I am usually contented with my 1.60m height, except when at Shilin Night Market @ Singapore Turf Club yesterday—I just wished that I were taller so that I could breathe fresher air without feeling suffocated when weaving through the crazy crowds. 2. Milksha (迷客夏) can only be ordered

When Society Was Regulated With Music and Ritual

One of the very first pieces of recorded Chinese literature is the “Classic of Poetry”, a collection of 3,000-year-old lyrics and verses of the early Zhou Dynasty. Compiled by Confucius, it is considered one of the five great Chinese scholarly works. The first poem, “Cry of the Ospreys,” describes the marriage of King Wen, the

Isabel Sim

Entrepreneurial Insights

Isabel Sim is an unpretentious lady who loves dogs. Sitting comfortably at her office in Ubi, accompanied by her poodle, she talks to Epoch Times about the challenges she faces starting her food company – Hi Trading Supplies. The 23-year-old graduated from University of Melbourne two years ago. With a degree in Finance and Management,

(Credit: Decathlon)

8 Must Buy Products from a Decathlon Store near you

With origins from France, the sporting wonderland has hit Singapore with 6 outlets sprawled across the island. Decathlon offers only the best sporting equipment at extremely affordable prices as their mission is to make sports accessible for all. Decathlon’s specialty is that it only carries its house brands unlike other sports brands; everything goes through

Dizi Gui (弟子规) : Lessons That Will Serve You for a Lifetime

Dizi Gui (弟子规) (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) is an ancient Chinese text for children that teaches moral values and proper etiquette. It was written during the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (康熙帝) (1661-1722) by Li Yuxiu. Beneath the conservative, “old-school” verbose of this ancient classic, one can still

Good Vs. Evil in a Chinese Folktale

Good vs. evil in Chinese Folktal : Bringing Down a Demon Tyrant

Righteousness, or “yì”, is second of five cardinal Chinese virtues—the others being benevolence, courtesy, wisdom, and faith—first taught by Confucius and passed down in the centuries since. Incorporating such concepts as justice and loyalty, “yì” builds upon its preceding virtue, that of “rén,” or benevolence. While “rén” can be used to describe the most pure

K.STAR Karaoke

10 Coolest Themed Karaoke Rooms in Singapore Worth Visiting

Nothing inspires singing your best than having a great ambiance and interiors that are Instagram Worthy. Feel like a star in cool themed karaoke rooms and may your friends and family remember the event by taking pictures of these cool karaoke rooms for posterity.  The following are the best Karaoke Singapore experiences with theme rooms


A Tale of Two Brides

For thousands of years, the Five Cardinal Virtues—benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith—have guided the Chinese people in governance, family, and individual conduct. First taught by the sage Confucius, they form the cornerstone of traditional Chinese morality. First in the virtues is benevolence, from the Chinese character “ren”. Consisting of a radical meaning “human” together

Sun Bin(孙膑), descended from Sun Wu,author of the “Art of War”

The Search for the ‘Art of War’

Sun Zi’s (孙子)timeless primer on strategy, “The Art of War”, has informed the thoughts of many a calculating mind, from generals to CEOs—and it also saved Sun’s own descendant in China, Sun Bin (孙膑), from the jaws of peril and treachery. But it was the book’s teachings of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage, and strictness that

A member of the public signs on the complaint form for the criminal prosecution of Jiang Zemin

A Story of Modern Genocide

On a grey Sunday afternoon, a group of messengers in yellow gathered in the restful calm of Hong Lim Park. Amidst their tranquil ranks stood a large board with a deafening message, “Global Support for Lawsuits in China against Jiang Zemin’s Crime in Falun Gong Genocide”. Genocide Genocide is a word that is easy to

Art Speaks

Art Speaks: An Artist’s Journey in Painting

Monica Chua Ah-Huwa’s face lights up when she starts sharing with us her forty-five-year art journey. “Painting is a happy thing. I will forget my problems when I paint,” says Monica. As she talks, one can easily sense her deep interest in painting and travelling as she introduces us her art pieces, painted while travelling



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