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In Letter To UN, Scientists Say There Is No Climate Emergency

A group of scientists and professionals in climate and related fields sent a letter to the United Nations on Sept. 23 declaring that “there is no climate emergency.” “The general-circulation models of climate on which […]

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Trump Urges Nations At The UN To Stop Religious Persecution

NEW YORK—President Donald Trump called on countries to end religious persecution around the world, asking governments to release prisoners of conscience and repeal laws that restrict religion and belief. World leaders have gathered in New […]


Is It OK to Cry at Work?

I’m not quite a decade into my career and I know that I have cried on the job at least four or five times. As work life and personal life have become increasingly integrated, boundaries […]


The Ancient Chinese Story: Weighing Up Integrity

It is said that every mark of the scale on a traditional Chinese 16-liang weighing balance represents a constellation. The marks represent the Plough or the Big Dipper, the Southern Dipper, and the deities of […]


He Qinglian: Co-Governance by Politicians and Business Elites Ends, Launching Hong Kong’s ‘Second Return’

Sept. 16 marks the 100th day of the Hong Kong anti-extradition law movement.  The final direction of Beijing’s solution to the Hong Kong issue is already very clear—the co-governance between government officials and business elites […]