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Czech Intelligence Report Exposes Russian, Chinese Spying

The Czech intelligence service (BIS) in its annual report for 2018 published on Nov. 26, warned against threats from Chinese and Russian intelligence trying to weaken Czech institutions, and influence politicians to act in the interests of these […]


Hong Kong Leader to ‘Reflect’ But Refuses to Meet Protester Demands Following Opposition’s Landslide Victory

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has refused to openly address protesters’ demands in her weekly press conference despite the opposition’s landslide victory in the city’s local district council elections days earlier. Lam was asked twice […]


House Plants That Absorb Toxins

How would you like to breathe easier and cleaner at home or in your office? You can do so by adding some selected house plants to your environment. Certain house plants are better than others at adding oxygen to […]


10 Cool Christmas Gadgets for Guys

No more generic mugs and stocking-stuffers for your guy friends this Christmas! We have shortlisted 10 cheap, practical and ultra-useful gifts that will make him remember your kindness and thoughtfulness, at least till Christmas next […]