How to Make Cantonese Roast Duck at Home

BY CICI LI AND CRYSTAL SHI Hold the turkey; how about roasting a duck for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner instead? Cantonese roast duck—the glistening red birds you see hanging in Chinatown shop windows—is known for its shiny, […]


Health Websites Share Sensitive Personal Data with Advertisers Without Required Consent: Report

Investigative reporters probing alleged misuse of the sensitive data of Europeans found that health websites were illegally sharing people’s information with ad-targeting companies including Google, Amazon, and Facebook. The personal data shared without users’ explicit […]


Chinese Character for Talent and Ability: Cái (才)

The Chinese character 才 (cái) is a pictogram that depicts a sprouting plant. As a noun and an adjective, the character refers to ability, talent, or endowment. Terms combining 才 with other characters include 才能 […]