Chinese Idiom: Respect the King and Defend Against Barbarians

The Chinese idiom 尊王攘夷 (zūn wáng rǎng yí) means to “respect the king and defend against barbarians.” This idiom is based on a diplomatic policy advocated during the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋時代) (770–476 B.C.) […]


China’s Economy Teeters as Coronavirus Hits

China’s economy grew by 6.1 percent over 2019, official data showed on Jan. 24, being the lowest annual growth in almost three decades. The slowing growth rate, which sits within the lower bound of the […]


Is the Coronavirus the Black Swan of 2020?

Commentary Is it too early to start thinking about how the global outbreak of the coronavirus will affect the world’s economy? With the Dow falling 454 points for a 1.6 percent decline on Jan. 27, […]