7 Habits for Better Health

Good health can be tough to achieve, and it impacts our lives in so many ways, from finances, to how we perform at work, to our relationships with family and friends. Most of us know we […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

China’s Environmental Malpractice Hurts Everyone

Commentary A lot of things are going wrong on this planet, and a lot of those problems are made in China. The deadly coronavirus is being linked to “wet markets” that traffic in wildlife. Not […]


Oven-Baked Korean Chicken Wings

Unlike their batter-coated American cousins, spicy Korean fried chicken wings have a delicately crisp skin and are drenched in a mildly spicy and sweet chile paste called gochujang (go-choo-jang) sauce. This deliciously addictive condiment is the secret […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Markets Tumble Worldwide as Fears Over Deadly Viral Outbreak Grow

WASHINGTON—The outbreak of a new coronavirus in China has raised concerns about the disease’s potential impact on the Chinese economy, causing volatility in global stock markets and oil prices. The epidemic that originated in the […]


Chinese Idiom: Respect the King and Defend Against Barbarians

The Chinese idiom 尊王攘夷 (zūn wáng rǎng yí) means to “respect the king and defend against barbarians.” This idiom is based on a diplomatic policy advocated during the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋時代) (770–476 B.C.) […]