Coronavirus Outbreak

Brazil Reports Suspected Case of Coronavirus

Brazilian officials said on Wednesday that a woman who recently traveled from China likely has coronavirus, the first case of the virus in the South American country. As Chinese officials announced they were quarantining Wuhan, […]


Containing the Huawei Virus

Commentary The deadly virus originating out of the central Chinese city of Wuhan is making headlines, and well it should. There’s the potential for this new coronavirus to spread rapidly from China to the rest […]


2020: A Pivotal Year for China

Commentary “A wounded bear (or panda, in this instance),” the old saying goes, “is more dangerous than a healthy one.” The idea behind that widely applicable aphorism is simply that weak or cornered adversaries are […]


Two Concerning Meat-Related Diseases Booming in China

Commentary Do you remember SARS? Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was so contagious, a SARS-afflicted man on an Air China flight in 2003 infected 20 passengers sitting at a distance away from him and two […]


Chinese Idioms: Skill Comes From Practice (熟能生巧)

The Chinese idiom 熟能生巧 (shú néng shēng qiǎo) literally means that practice gives birth to great skill. It is used to describe how skill comes from repeated practice and is similar to the English expression […]


Huawei CFO Extradition Trial Kicks Off in Canada

Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou appeared in a Vancouver court for the first day of her extradition trial, which would decide if she can be transferred to the United States for criminal processing. Meng’s […]


6 Alternatives to Antibiotics

Alexander Fleming discovered the first antibiotic, penicillin, in 1927. Since then, antibiotics – drugs that fight bacterial infections – have saved millions of lives worldwide. The term “antibiotic” refers to both natural and synthetic compounds that […]


Chinese New Year 2020: Legend of the Daffodil

The Chinese people have a custom of displaying and enjoying flowers during the Chinese New Year period, which typically falls between late January and late February on the Gregorian calendar, and in 2020, this most […]