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A Force for Good: Why WHO Should No Longer Shut Out Taiwan

Taiwan, like Canada, is a multicultural country. Its residents migrated mainly from the South Pacific islands and the southern coast of China in the 13th century, and again during the 17th to 19th centuries. Over […]


After Chinese Tycoon Goes Missing, Growing Criticism of Xi Leadership Hints of Factional Infighting

Chinese tycoon and princeling Ren Zhiqiang was recently detained after he publicly criticized Communist Party leader Xi Jinping for mishandling China’s response to the epidemic. Soon after, Chinese democracy activists exiled overseas circulated open letters—purportedly […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

How to Stop the Virus Now

Commentary There is a relatively simple way to stop the coronavirus dead in its tracks. It might sound impossible at first, but it’s well within our capabilities, and it’s far less costly and disruptive than […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Top EU Diplomat Spotlights Beijing’s Propaganda Push Amid Pandemic

The European Union’s (EU) top diplomat recently highlighted Beijing’s attempts to divert global attention away from its initial coverup of the CCP virus outbreak. EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell Fontelles, in a March 23 statement, noted […]


The Great Fall of China?

Commentary China’s economy was in deep trouble before it launched its viral pandemic upon the world. The trade war tariffs had diminished exports, and supply chains were moving out of China. But now the economic […]