The Old Monk Who Got Drenched

Night was about to fall, and an old monk was on his way home to the temple. All of a sudden, there was rolling thunder, and rain came pouring down from the sky. It was […]

Hong Kong Protest

China’s Rubber-Stamp Legislature Approves Security Bill as Hong Kong Worries for Ominous Future

This article has been updated. China’s rubber-stamp legislature, National People Congress (NPC), has passed a draft resolution on a so-called “national security” law for Hong Kong, amid international criticism about how the communist party’s law […]


The Only Man Who Did Not Drown

In the seventh year of the Chunxi Era of Emperor Xiaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty (1180), there was a man in Leping (present-day Jingde County, Jiangxi Province) by the name of Zhang Wulang. He […]