Coronavirus Outbreak

A Date That Will Live in Infamy

Commentary The theory that the Wuhan novel coronavirus—now wreaking havoc throughout the world—is a bio-weapon produced in a Level-4 laboratory in Wuhan, China (Wuhan Institute of Virology) is probably the most popular “conspiracy theory” currently […]


When Science Becomes Biased

Commentary There’s a disturbing trend in research these days, where so-called computer scientists inject their personal beliefs into their research. They do this by “correcting” the math to reach the result they want. They call […]

Unoriginal Content

The Beijing Blowback

Commentary One would think that Beijing would see that unleashing a global pandemic is no way to gain favor with the world. Lying about doing so doesn’t help, either; nor does blaming others for the outbreak. And […]


Developing a Mindset of Resilience

Resilience-based research tells us that how we deal with adversity is more important than the actual traumatic event. It’s best to be proactive and engaged when facing challenges. We’re in trouble if we fall into a […]