Dust, Earth, and Molecules

The Chinese character 塵 (chen) refers to dust. It is formed of two parts, each a full character.  The upper one is 鹿, a deer. In Bone Oracle Script, the earliest ancient Chinese writing, it […]


India Bans 47 Additional Chinese Mobile Apps

The Indian government has banned 47 additional Chinese social media applications, following a ban of 59 mostly Chinese apps last month, according to several local media. The fresh action involves clones and variants of apps […]


5-Minute Chinese-Style Cucumber Salad

Hot and humid days call for cucumber salad: crisp, cold, and easy to toss together in minutes. Cucumber salad recipes vary across countries and cultures, but the Chinese version typically gets savoriness and umami from soy sauce, tang from […]


Confucius Never Casually Accepted Gifts

The ancients believed in the principle “sow nothing, reap nothing.” Confucius can be regarded as a perfect example. He never casually accepted remuneration gifted to him; much less did he steal others’ interests. Some people […]


Could TikTok Investors Be Mulling a US Buyout of Chinese App?

News Analysis Investors in Chinese startup ByteDance Technology Co. are watching with increasing concern as countries around the world are closely scrutinizing the company’s popular social-video app TikTok because of security and intelligence concerns. TikTok, […]