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How Biden, Trump Diverge in Their Approaches to China

News Analysis The camps of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump see China—the world’s second-largest economy—through very different lenses. While both camps have presented a campaign agenda that’s tough on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—past dealings […]

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The Slogan ‘No Lives Matter Until Black Lives Matter’

Commentary “No Lives Matter Until Black Lives Matter.” That’s an ominous-looking slogan seen on a sign in the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin. So far, three people have been shot during the rampaging, looting, arson, and […]

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Life at Center of Earth

Increasing evidence has pointed to the existence of highly intelligent beings in the center of Earth. Likely the most significant discovery of the 20th century, much evidence was covered up by governments around the world […]

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What Democrats Don’t Understand

Commentary As I watch the Republican National Convention, and listen to Democrats and progressive pundits comment on it, I know that Democrats don’t understand Donald Trump, and they don’t understand why people voted for him in the last […]


Emperor Shun Inspired by Example

China’s moral and ethical code of conduct has a very ancient history that dates back to Emperor Shun in 2255 B.C. Many centuries preceding the teachings of Confucius in the 5th century B.C., Emperor Shun […]

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Is Communist China Targeting US Elections?

Welcome to the China Angle, I’m Simone Gao. In the wake of spiraling US-China relations, the Chinese communist regime has increased its efforts to influence the upcoming US elections. Its strategy involves the use of social, electronic and cognitive […]

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China War Scenarios: Versus the US, Versus India, Versus Taiwan

Commentary In July, senior government officials in Taiwan and the United States warned that communist China was aggressively threatening Taiwan’s independence. U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper contended Beijing had taken its intimidation “to a […]


The Emperor Yao

Emperor Yao (B.C. 2356 – B.C. 2255), was one of the later descendants of the Yellow Emperor. The most well-known story about Emperor Yao is as follows: Once, Emperor Yao was traveling the land with […]

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Pandemic Gives Petty Tyrants Control

Commentary As the nation continues to struggle with the CCP virus and its after-effects, it’s not terribly surprising that—like everything else these days—the response to the pandemic is both highly politicized and deeply divisive. At […]