Mike Pompeo’s China Adviser Says China Has No Allies

A key person in shaping Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s hard-line policy on China says the CCP has no allies, while democracies are forming an alliance to counter that threat. Chinese police are collecting blood […]


Bian Que: Deity Doctor of Miracles

According to a record in the book “Shi Ji” (史記), Records of the Grand Historian, there was an exceptional doctor named Bian Que (扁鵲) who lived 2,500 years ago, in about the same period as […]


Beijing’s Chip Manufacturing Projects May Bring Social Unrest

By Simin Chen Commentary With China lagging behind in semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, local governments have stepped up chip production under Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s ambitious industrial policy “Made in China 2025.” Chip manufacturers across the […]