Lao Zi: Saint and Founder of Daoism

Lao Zi, heralded by a purple aura, appeared on a water buffalo. To enable people to return to their true nature, Lao Zi disseminated the Dao during a chaotic period in the Zhou Dynasty. (Zona […]


Resistance Rising in Inner Mongolia

Protests continue in Inner Mongolia against Beijing’s language policy. Even Mongolian people working for state-run media are beginning to fight back. Tanks are seen on the streets. A post on Wuhan’s Ghost Festival has gone […]


King Wu: Zhou Dynasty’s First Emperor Respects Heaven

King Wu faithfully followed his ancestors’ teachings. The ancients advised rulers to be diligent and upright, to revere Heaven, love the people, and to reject idleness and extravagance. They warned that the affairs of a […]


Should US Chipmakers Fear China’s Semiconductor Ambitions?

News Analysis U.S. technology stocks suffered the biggest two-day loss since March on Sept. 3 and 4. Leading the way downward were U.S. chipmakers which underperformed the broader sector following news that China is planning […]


Cuju: 2,000 Years of Ancient Chinese Soccer

According to FIFA, the earliest form of soccer was a Chinese invention. Dating back some 2,400 years, the ancient Chinese game of Cuju shares key similarities with the modern sport—no hands or arms are allowed […]