Eight Treasures Tea: An Elixir from Ancient China

Herbal remedies have been used in China for millennia with each dynasty classifying and documenting new treatments as they were discovered. Shennong meaning “Divine Farmer,” lived some 5,000 years ago and taught the ancient Chinese […]

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Election Hangs on How Votes Are Counted

Commentary Thanks in part to Chief Justice John Roberts and a deadlocked Supreme Court vote last month that upheld a Pennsylvania state Supreme Court decision regarding late-arriving mail-in ballots, America has now come face-to-face with two venerable sayings about […]


China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Are Running Out

Commentary The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has been vaunting about “self-reliance” since its relationship with the United States took a sharp turn for the worse. However, the Chinese economy relies heavily on imported goods including […]

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The Endless Election of 2020, So Far

Commentary Election Day 2020 did not begin as anybody’s idea of a celebration of democracy. Storefronts were being boarded up from Beverly Hills to Manhattan and many places in between in anticipation of riots, an […]