6 Reasons Why Families Should Visit the Library Regularly

So many lessons can be wrapped up in a simple habit of visiting the library. (Shutterstock)
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By Barbara Danza

Depending on where you live, you may not think of your local library as a hub of innovation, an efficient place to spend your time, or very cool at all. If so, you’re about to find out how wrong you are.

Libraries are valuable community resources—now more than ever actually—and offer many benefits to families, in particular. 

If you’re not getting your family to the library on the regular, here are six reasons you may want to reconsider.

Libraries Teach Responsibility

Get your kids their own library cards and, depending on their age, give them as much responsibility in managing their library books as they can handle. While the books are in their possession, they’ll need to take good care of them. They’ll need to know when they are due back to the library. They’ll need to reference the library receipt and make sure they’ve got all of the library books ready to return, and they’ll need to return them on time.

What’s more, when they’re at the library, they should keep their voices down and respect others’ spaces. So many lessons can be wrapped up in a simple habit of visiting the library. 

Libraries Are Community Hubs

What a delight it is to bump into a friend or acquaintance at the library! Getting to know the librarians and even learning about your community itself are all benefits of regularly visiting the library.

Libraries Are Fun

Libraries frequently offer free events and activities for children and adults alike. Check your library’s calendar and see what fun things they’ve got coming up.

Libraries Offer More Than Just Books

The ability to borrow movies and audiobooks, in particular, are great benefits most libraries provide. Additionally, they’ve usually got impressive collections of periodicals, music, and even digital books you can enjoy for free.

Libraries Encourage Reading

That one blew your mind, didn’t it?

There’s something about spending time in a building full of books that you can enjoy to your heart’s content that encourages reading. Go figure!

Seriously, though, regular trips to the library encourage kids to gather as many books as they can carry and enjoy them before the next trip, when they can get more books.

The risk is low (since the books are free), so library goers can explore and try new authors and genres, opening windows into worlds they may have otherwise not considered.

Libraries Foster a Love of Reading

Regular visits to the library as a family make for wonderful memories and connect joy with reading. Make it a day out together when you peruse the shelves slowly, explore different subjects, and delight in the abundance of books at your fingertips.

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