8 Metabolism-Boosting Drinks to Lose Weight Naturally, Getting Toned Never Tasted So Good

By Louise Bevan

A healthy metabolism has an extraordinary knock-on effect. Not only will your body be able to function like clockwork (hooray!) but you’ll burn fat at a healthy rate, even between periods of exercise.

Illustration – Shutterstock | RossHelen
Illustration – Shutterstock | RossHelen

If you have a slow metabolism, however, you might feel sluggish or struggle to lose those extra pounds. But there’s a tasty solution; these eight metabolism-boosting drinks will brighten up your day and even send you on your way toward a toned and healthy body.

Whether you’re a tea fanatic, a smoothie guzzler, or a caffeine junkie, there’s something here for everyone. Which drinks will you try?

1. Lemon water

Illustration – Unsplash | Charity Beth Long
Illustration – Unsplash | Charity Beth Long

There’s a very particular benefit to adding a few slices of fresh lemon to your water pitcher. First, it’s tasty! Second, lemons have strong antioxidant properties and they also contain high levels of Vitamin C and potassium, which help support healthy digestion. According to Healthline, the plant compounds in lemon extract help to prevent (or reduce) weight gain, too.

2. Green tea

Illustration – Shutterstock | Shumilina Maria
Illustration – Shutterstock | Shumilina Maria

The caffeine in green tea can help to boost your metabolic rate and increase fat oxidation in the body. You can also have a lot of fun with your green tea; try adding fresh mint leaves or lemon slices to give your metabolism an extra kick, while also preventing inflammation.

You could even refrigerate a pitcher of green tea and serve it over ice for a refreshing drink any time of day.

3. Apple smoothie

Illustration – Unsplash | Alice Pasqual
Illustration – Unsplash | Alice Pasqual

Apples are notorious weight loss aids. They are low in calories, promote detoxification, and their pectin content can even help to lower cholesterol. What’s not to love?

Try blending a delicious smoothie using one cup of natural Greek yogurt, one sliced apple, one tablespoon of honey, half a cup of unsalted almonds, half a liter (approx. 17 ounces) of skimmed milk (or almond milk, if you prefer) and a pinch of cinnamon to taste.

4. Coconut water

Illustration – Unsplash | Markus Winkler
Illustration – Unsplash | Markus Winkler

Pure coconut water is an excellent metabolism booster. It’s especially great for post-exercise rehydration, with WebMD advising that coconut water is easier to consume in large amounts than sports drinks.

Dehydrated bodies have a lowered core body temperature and the body stores fat to compensate. But when you hydrate properly, the body’s fat-storage defense mechanism slows down. So, reach for that coconut!

5. Black coffee

Illustration – Unsplash | Michael C
Illustration – Unsplash | Michael C

Coffee addicts, we’ve got good news. The caffeine in black coffee can actually increase your metabolic rate by anything from 3 to 11 percent, says Healthline. Don’t substitute coffee for exercise, however; just know that that delicious cup of Joe is helping to keep your resting metabolic rate up even while you’re sitting at your computer.

6. Beet smoothie

Illustration – Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska
Illustration – Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

You can’t beat a beet, especially when it comes to your metabolism. Beets make for a delicious (and colorful) addition to any fruit or vegetable smoothie. They’re also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, which all have a positive impact on swift, healthy digestion.

Guff suggests cooking peeled beets for two hours before blending them with fresh (or frozen) strawberries, blueberries, and a peeled banana for a delicious boosting beverage.

7. Fresh squeezed fruit juice

Illustration – Unsplash | Alexander Mils
Illustration – Unsplash | Alexander Mils

Squeezing fruit juice is a really easy way to get your five a day while also massively boosting your metabolism. Grapefruit, berries, carrots, and apples are the very best boosters. Throw a little fresh ginger into your juicer for good measure, too, if you want to help your body absorb the mountain of vitamins and minerals that your fruits contain.

8. Cocoa powder smoothie

Illustration – Pixabay | stevepb
Illustration – Pixabay | stevepb

Dessert time! Whoever said healthy food had to taste like cardboard? Not us; you can totally boost weight loss while indulging your sweet tooth with a cocoa powder smoothie. By mixing your smoothie with a little coffee, you can intensify this drink’s caffeine content and its metabolism-boosting properties, too.

Brightside recommends blending half a liter of skimmed milk (or almond milk) with half a cup of oats, a quarter of a cup of cooked amaranth, millet, or quinoa, one tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, half a tablespoon of ground coffee beans, and a little honey to taste.

Staying healthy should always feel good, so enjoy the process. Choose your favorite drinks from the list above, or maybe experiment and find something brand-new to add to your repertoire!

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