‘All in 700′ (700歲旅程) —Exclusive Interview with Jessie Chang 張本渝 and Darren Chiu 邱凱偉

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By Epoch Newsroom

What’s your life’s biggest, unfulfilled dream?

If you don’t yet know, I’d suggest you watch ‘All in 700’, a 2016-2017 Taiwanese drama series directed by Danny Teng.

Join 10 lively residents of the Yinhwa Senior Community—with a combined age of more than 700 years—on a nostalgic road trip, as they embark on a serendipitous journey across Taiwan to fulfill their life’s biggest dreams.

In an exclusive Epoch Times’ interview, cast members of the ‘All in 700’ series, Darren Chiu 張本渝 and Jessie Chang 邱凱偉, disclosed their unfulfilled dreams, as well as their insights into this wildly popular drama.

Cast members of the ‘All in 700’ series
Cast members of the ‘All in 700’ series, Darren Chiu 張本渝 and Jessie Chang 邱凱偉 (Epoch Times)

(WATCH: ‘All in 700′Exclusive Interview with Jessie Chang and Darren Chiu)

Epoch Times (ET): What’s so special about ‘All in 700’?

Darren: All in 700’ is a drama about 10 senior citizens embarking on a journey to fulfil their dreams.

Besides an outpouring of love for these elderly people, the drama takes the viewer to different scenic destinations in Taiwan.

So, if you’ve ever thought about touring Taiwan, you might consider planning a sightseeing itinerary based on the different filming locations in this drama.

Jessie: All in 700’ is a heart-warming drama which took us almost one year to shoot. It’s rare to see a storyline that focuses on senior citizens and related social issues.

I hope this drama will rekindle our viewers’ hope for the future and the fulfilment of their life’s passions.

ET: What about yourself? Do you have any dream that you’d like to fulfil?

Darren: Yes, I’d like to have a roof over my head no matter where I travel.

Another dream is to own a big warehouse after I retire. I could live there, display my artwork and invite the elderly to my parties.

Jessie: If I weren’t an actor and I could live my life over, I’d definitely put more effort into my studies, especially mathematics.

My childhood dream was to become a veterinarian. However, due to my poor grades in mathematics, that dream has long since been unfulfilled.

If I was a veterinarian, I’d travel to underdeveloped countries and treat the animals there.

Darren: You can be another type of shouyi (??), that is, someone who offers birthday congratulations. (Jokingly)

ET: What’s your favourite story in this 10-part drama?

Darren: I think all the stories are pretty interesting. However, I like the baseball story the best because it’s so heart-warming and cool to see a group of senior citizens stepping onto a baseball field to fulfil their dreams.

Jessie: I like the story played by Aunt Meifang, a veteran Taiwanese actress who had won both the Golden Horse and Golden Bell Awards.

In that story, she portrayed a lady who was separated from her husband due to poverty. She always hoped she could reunite with him in her twilight years.

I was touched and saddened by this sweet story.

Darren: It was a beautiful ending to her life.

Jessie: Yes, they couldn’t be together in this life, but they fulfilled their wish to be together before death.

ET: Can all viewers relate to ‘All in 700’?

Jessie: My understanding is that every character’s story will impact our viewers’ lives, regardless of how old they are.

As I learn more about senior citizens and their dreams, I find that it has a positive influence on my relationships, especially with my friends, family and relatives.

There’s definitely some connection there.

(WATCH: Are you enjoying your stay in Singapore?)

ET: Are you enjoying your stay in Singapore?

Darren: Yes, when I was a child, I lived in Singapore for six years. I can definitely see that it’s changed a lot since then. It’s better and much prettier.

One day, I hope to shoot a drama here. Then, I can stay for an extended period of time.

I was in Singapore last month, so I’m happy to be back here so soon, even though it’ll be a short visit.

If we could spend more time here, I’d take everyone to some of the tiny islands surrounding Singapore, as well as places like Sentosa, which I haven’t been to for a long time. I definitely want to go there again.

Jessie: I love to travel overseas.

Yesterday, when I arrived in Singapore, I saw many different races. I like this cosmopolitan city.

This afternoon, we ate Bak Kut Teh.

Although I had cooked Bak Kut Teh, using a premix that I had brought in Malaysia—while I was shooting there—the Bak Kut Teh that I tasted today was fantastic!

It makes me want to cook Bak Kut Teh again!

Darren: You can always buy the premixed version at the supermarket.

Jessie: I bought it earlier today, when no one was looking!

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