Americans Could Recover Trillions in Damages From Lawsuits Against the CCP Over Its Pandemic Cover Up: Expert

A man (L) is given a nucleic acid test for the Covid-19 coronavirus in Mangshi in the Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, which borders Myanmar in China's southwestern Yunnan Province, on July 9, 2021. (STR/AFP via Getty Images)
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Americans could sue the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for trillions of dollars over its coverup of the origins of the pandemic, according to lawyer and economist Jim Rickards. The pandemic, which has caused four million deaths worldwide including over 600,000 in the United States, was likely caused by a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), Rickards writes in his book “The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic Wo
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