An Art Critique on Giant Panda Artwork

By world-class artist Mr. Huang Xiong Wen

Fun Time | Oil on Canvas | 50 x 90cm | 2014 (Courtesy of Huang Xiong Wen)
Fun Time | Oil on Canvas | 50 x 90cm | 2014 (Courtesy of Huang Xiong Wen)
By Howard Yu
For the Epoch Times

Huang Xiong Wen is a successful professional painter, famous for his paintings of human figures, animals and landscapes. He graduated in 1992 from the faculty of Fine Arts in GuangXi Normal University, majoring in oil painting. Since then, Xiong Wen has created a number of renowned master pieces. Many of his paintings have been showcased in prestigious art exhibitions both in China and abroad. For Huang, painting nature is not about replicating nature, but working in harmony with nature.

Huang Xiong Wen’s paintings have been featured in five local art galleries in the recent years. Many of his masterpieces have been acquired by organizations, public and private institutions as well as private collectors from various countries. He has also been engaged to design and produce large-scale murals for luxury hotels in China.

As the name suggests, the theme of this art gallery is giant pandas. With less than 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild, they are an endangered species and the rarest member of the bear family. Xiong Wen spent countless hours in Sze Chuan observing the giant panda’s behavior and movement for this artistic endeavor. Through his keen observation and his seasoned aesthetic judgment, he was able to bring out the true beauty and vitality of this lovely creature. With the gallerist, Howard Yu, being an ardent advocate of animal conservation, the gallery also features an educational aspect of animal and environment conservation.

The Giant Pandas Art was showcased in the Malaysia Art Expo 2014 from 24 to 28 Sept 2014 at MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC) or visit DA Tang Fine Arts at 1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094.

Malaysia is famous for its pandas (Feng Yi and Fu Wa), who are currently living in Zoo Negara Malaysia. For the first time, panda lovers can escape the outdoor heat and view these pandas in the indoor comfort of Art Expo Malaysia 2014.

Therefore, be enthralled by the aesthetic creation of Huang Xiong Wen. In this very first solo art exhibition in Malaysia, he presents to the public 20 oil paintings, gracefully depicting the life of the giant panda, the national treasure of China.

By Howard Yu, Diretor – Da Tang Fine Arts Enterprise Pte. Ltd.    <>

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