Chinese Tennis Star’s Allegations Casts Spotlight on CCP Officials’ Misbehavior

Politicians, sports stars, and human rights defenders from all around the world have increasingly been worried about the safety of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai since China’s state-run media posted her recent photos and videos. Peng, a former No.1-ranked doubles player, had been absent from public view for over two weeks after accusing retired Chinese vice-premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault

Chinese Regime Uses COVID-19 QR Code to Restrain Rights Lawyers’ Mobility

The Chinese regime is using the COVID-19 “health code” for pandemic control and as a means for social control. Recently, several rights lawyers and legal experts have revealed that their health codes suddenly changed from green to red without any reason. They could not travel freely and were put in forced quarantine. The Chinese communist

Future of the Internet Should Not Be in Beijing’s Hands, Think Tank Warns

Governments worldwide are being warned to “err on the side of caution” when engaging with Beijing or international bodies heavily influenced by the communist regime in relation to shaping the future of the internet. In a new report, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) says the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is hoping to export its domestic

Chinese Hypersonic Weapon Launched Second Missile: Report

A hypersonic weapons system tested by the Chinese regime in July allegedly launched a second missile while flying at five times the speed of sound, according to a new report by the Financial Times. It is currently unclear whether the second missile was an air-to-air weapon or a countermeasure intended to prevent the weapon from being destroyed. Such a

Australia Backs Philippines Against Beijing’s Actions in South China Sea

Australia has voiced concern over Beijing’s activities in the South China Sea last week, which saw three Chinese coast guard patrol vessels block and use water cannons against Philippine supply boats at Second Thomas Shoal, a Philippine-occupied shoal in the Spratly Islands. “The Australian Government has consistently expressed concern about the dangerous or coercive use of coast guard

Concerns for Chinese Tennis Player Remain After She Appears in State Media

The Chinese regime attempted to dismiss global concerns about Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai over the weekend, when state-run media released photos and videos of the athlete. The effort, however, hasn’t convinced those concerned about Peng’s whereabouts and well-being. The 35-year-old Peng, who was once ranked No. 1 in doubles by the Women’s Tennis Association

China Faces Economic Double Whammy

Commentary Inflation is about to hit China at a very inopportune time. Inflation and specters of a U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate hike could present a double whammy on China’s economy as it struggles to come out of COVID-19 lockdowns. Official National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data showed Chinese factory-gate prices, or the cost at

International Legislators Urge China to Assure Safety of Chinese Tennis Star

Global parliamentarians called for “verifiable” guarantees from China’s ruling Party for the safety and wellbeing of disappeared Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai. The call followed an email published a day ago by Communist Party-controlled media attributed to Peng, denying previous allegations toward a former top official and announcing her safety, which failed to quell concerns. “The PRC

‘Anecdotal Evidence’ of Sexual Abuse of Tibetan Nuns While in Chinese Police Custody

The Chinese regime’s sexual abuse of Uyghurs has been widely reported in recent years as more victims of this Muslim minority have stepped forward to expose the ongoing persecution in the Xinjiang region. The mass rape and torture of female Falun Gong practitioners have been extensively reported by in the last two decades. Tibetan nuns also have been

Chinese Regime Publicly Prices Human Organs to Whitewash Organ Transplant Abuses: Experts

Several provinces and cities in China have released official guideline prices for human vital organs, such as livers, kidneys, and hearts. This is one of the actions taken by local governments following a notice issued by central authorities in July on fees and financial management measures for securing organs for transplant. According to medical experts

CCP Passes Historic Resolution Elevating Xi Jinping’s Standing

China’s leader Xi Jinping cemented his authority on Nov. 11 by directing the ruling Chinese Communist Party to approve a historic resolution that sought to place Xi as an equal among the most influential figures in the regime’s history. “Establishing Xi Jinping’s core position to the Central Committee and the entire Party,” as well as

CCP-Critic Named Japan’s Human Rights Advisor, Fulfilling Election Promise

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday selected a critic of China’s ruling communist party to be his human rights advisor—a post he promised to create in an election pledge to lead a government that would be vocal about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) human rights violations. Local media reported on Monday that former defense minister

China’s Ability to Blockade Taiwan’s Key Harbors Poses ‘Grave Challenge’, Island’s Defense Ministry Says

China’s ability to blockade Taiwan’s key harbors and airports presents a “grave” threat to the self-governed island, according to a new report released by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense. The report outlines how the Chinese regime’s military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), could prevent the United States and its allies from assisting Taiwan during an invasion. “The PLA is hoping to

Chinese State Media Take Aim at Officials Who Try to ‘Jump Ship’ and Flee China

Eight years ago, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping criticized party officials for letting their confidence waver and sending their families and money abroad. These people were trying to “leave themselves a way out and prepared to ‘jump ship’ anytime.” Study Times, a newspaper run by the CCP’s Central Party School for training Chinese officials,

COVID-19 Continues to Spread in China, Authorities Admit Changes in Virus DNA Sequence

The COVID-19 outbreak in mainland China continues to expand, with multiple transmission chains spreading to 20 provinces. Authorities have admitted that the DNA sequence of the virus that is causing the infections has mutated. Widening government restrictions have also put many Chinese citizens who are not confirmed close contacts in quarantine based on their mobile

Why China’s Economy Continues to Survive

Commentary China’s economy continues to survive despite major obstacles, including the real estate bubble and the trade war with the United States. Ironically, China’s trade ties with the United States has been sustaining its economy—America’s dependence on Chinese goods. Despite the debate in Washington about decoupling from China and the Biden administration’s decision to keep

China Has Debated Attacking Taiwan-Controlled Islands, Top Taiwan Official Says

Beijing has mulled invading Taiwan’s Pratas Islands but will not mount an attack before the island’s president Tsai Ing-wen finishes her term in 2024, a top Taiwanese security official said. “Attacking and capturing Pratas Islands, and using war to force Taiwan into talks, this scenario in our assessment will not happen during President Tsai’s tenure,”

India’s Missile Test Not Meant as a Warning Shot to Beijing, Experts Say

India’s recent testing of a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile came on the heels of failed military and diplomatic talks between India and China, as well as reports of a hypersonic missile test by the Chinese regime. But experts told The Epoch Times that India’s test-fire was not a retaliatory response to the regime’s recent actions. Agni-5 Capabilities Animesh Roul, executive director of

China Open to Negotiations Over State Subsidies, Xi Jinping Says

Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Oct. 4 said the regime was open to talks about state subsidies to domestic industrial firms—a practice that has become a sticking point in U.S.-China trade relations. In virtual remarks at the opening of the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, Xi said China will keep an “active and open attitude“ to



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