A Driverless Future

A Driverless Future in Singapore?

The tiny and compact city of Singapore is home to 5.54 million inhabitants, both citizens and foreigners. This figure is expected to rise by a third to 6.9 million over the next two decades, according to the 2013 White Paper on population. Our public transport services have been exhausted by the influx of commuters. Every


10 Things Not To Miss at Jewel Changi

2019 has been amazing to Changi Airport thus far, after being crowned as the World’s Best Airport for the seventh consecutive year! You can imagine the enormous hype when it was announced that Singapore’s latest icon Jewel Changi Airport opens its door to the public this month. Designed and led by the same team (Safdie

Coney Island

Coney Island-A Haven for Nature Lovers

Coney Island? Is it in New York? No, it isn’t. Located off the north-eastern coast of Singapore near Pulau Ubin, the island was renamed as Coney Island in the 1950s by Indian businessman, Ghulam Mahmood. He was inspired to turn the island to an amusement park or resort similar to Coney Island amusement park in

NOAH Desktop Cable Organiser01

Design of Tomorrow

Are you frustrated with the dangling cables on your work desk? Won’t it be nice if there’s an organiser that stores these cables efficiently and elegantly on your table? Three Industrial Design students from National University of Singapore (NUS) –  Chow Jia Yi, Kevin Chiam and Ryan Chan Shi Ming – recently embarked on a

National Gallery, housed in the former Supreme Court

What to see at National Gallery Singapore 

Singapore’s famous national monuments – the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings – are combined and reopened as the National Gallery Singapore on November 24, 2015. The two historical buildings, connected by a handsome aluminium and glass canopy, took ten years and cost S$532 million to restore. Situated in Singapore’s Civic District, its striking

10 Restaurant Quality Food at Hawker19

10 Restaurant Quality Food at Hawker

When you think of hawker food, it’s almost instant to relate the term to “street food”. Well, think again. Is it possible to enjoy restaurant-quality food at hawker price? Check out the 10 not-so-ordinary hawker stalls that you must visit for their A-quality food. The Plug Food Co. Address: Best Café Coffeeshop, Block 1A Eunos

Credit : marinamandarinsg @ Instagram

10 Best Dim Sum Places in Singapore 2019

Dim sum, which can be literally translated as a “touch of the heart”, is a cuisine loved universally by Singaporeans. Ranging from sweet to savoury, dim sum consists of bite-sized dishes that are usually served from morning to early afternoon, and is thus also known as the “Chinese brunch”. Below, we have listed out 10

McDonald 04

12 Best Limited Edition Items From McDonald’s

While nothing beats a good ol’ fries and McSpicy combo at McDonald’s, their limited edition menu items are a delightful treat for the adventurous. Featuring 12 of McDonald’s limited edition items, walk down memory lane with us as we hope for a comeback! 1) Prosperity Burger This seasonal menu item has made annual comebacks during


12 Michelin Star Singapore Hawker Stalls

There’s no need to break the bank or buy a plane ticket just for a chance to taste Michelin starred food; you can do that right here in Singapore on a shoestring budget! That’s right, you can enjoy a plate of top-notch fare at these hawker centre stalls that are either on Michelin’s Bib Gourmand

Isabel Sim

Entrepreneurial Insights

Isabel Sim is an unpretentious lady who loves dogs. Sitting comfortably at her office in Ubi, accompanied by her poodle, she talks to Epoch Times about the challenges she faces starting her food company – Hi Trading Supplies. The 23-year-old graduated from University of Melbourne two years ago. With a degree in Finance and Management,

(Credit: Decathlon)

8 Must Buy Products from a Decathlon Store near you

With origins from France, the sporting wonderland has hit Singapore with 6 outlets sprawled across the island. Decathlon offers only the best sporting equipment at extremely affordable prices as their mission is to make sports accessible for all. Decathlon’s specialty is that it only carries its house brands unlike other sports brands; everything goes through

K.STAR Karaoke

10 Coolest Themed Karaoke Rooms in Singapore Worth Visiting

Nothing inspires singing your best than having a great ambiance and interiors that are Instagram Worthy. Feel like a star in cool themed karaoke rooms and may your friends and family remember the event by taking pictures of these cool karaoke rooms for posterity.  The following are the best Karaoke Singapore experiences with theme rooms

A member of the public signs on the complaint form for the criminal prosecution of Jiang Zemin

A Story of Modern Genocide

On a grey Sunday afternoon, a group of messengers in yellow gathered in the restful calm of Hong Lim Park. Amidst their tranquil ranks stood a large board with a deafening message, “Global Support for Lawsuits in China against Jiang Zemin’s Crime in Falun Gong Genocide”. Genocide Genocide is a word that is easy to

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7 of the Best Vegetarian Buffets in Singapore

Vegetarians in Singapore can rejoice at the luxurious dining options here that cater to their dietary preferences. With a rise in health and religious consciousness, more are switching over to a vegetarian or vegan diet. There’s more to the vegetarian lifestyle than just salad — check out seven of the best vegetarian buffets in Singapore!


Treasures of Singapore

Peranakan culture is a distinctive part of Singapore’s heritage. The term Peranakan generally refers to Straits Chinese. As early as the 15th century, Chinese traders sailed all the way from China to Malaya. They settled down here and married local Malay women. Peranakan or Straits Chinese are people of mixed Chinese and Malay heritage—the males

Chew-Jia- Min

Not Just a Pretty Face

What is beauty? Good looks, or a great body? To 25-year-old Chew Jia Min, who was crowned Miss Singapore International in 2013, the beauty of a woman isn’t about the clothes she wears nor the figure she has. Instead, it is about someone who speaks from the heart and is true to her soul. Besides

earrings 9

Jewellery Inspired by Nature: Harleen Dhillon Kaur

What is the upcoming jewellery trend? Harleen Dhillon Kaur, the 1st runner-up in the Singapore Jewellery Design Award (SJDA) 2015, shares the jewellery styles that are in vogue with Hollywood’s stars. She discloses, “The upcoming trends in the jewellery industry are the vintage inspired designs, layering necklaces, layering leather bracelets with charms and the ear

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Affordable Halal Buffets in Singapore

Singaporeans love buffets! Who doesn’t? But many buffets here serve pork dishes; what if you’re looking for buffet that is halal-certified AND affordable? Fret not! We have compiled here six places that serve affordable halal buffets. 1. Chickata Makan Place Located in Jurong East, the Chickata Makan Place is a halal-certified restaurant that serves a

(Credit: Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ 好来屋火锅烧烤餐厅)

7 affordable yet delicious buffets for under $25

Have you got the appetite for a buffet but a shoestring budget? With a variety of different foods to cater to your mood, restaurants in Singapore are challenging the norm of the vegas-style buffet. Take a look at our selection of affordable buffets under $25! 1. LICK Little Ice Cream Kafe (LICK) is a hidden

5 Best Food Delivery Services in Singapore

“Where to eat?” – this is a question most Singaporeans will ask at least once a day. Instead of brainstorming for a “makan” place and end up queuing up for it, why not minimize the hustle and let your food be delivered straight to your doorstep? There are various food delivery services in Singapore nowadays.



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