Chinese Regime Lambasts Mark Zuckerberg for Honest Answer at Tech Hearing

Commentary During a Congressional hearing on July 29, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were asked to testify. One lawmaker asked whether the executives believed the Chinese government steals technology from U.S. companies. Zuckerberg told the Antitrust Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives, that it was “well-documented that the

Xi Jinping’s Show of Muscle Before Chinese Regime’s Army Day

Commentary On July 29, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who is also the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, presided over a ceremony in Beijing to promote Xu Zhongbo to the rank of general. The Military Commission is the Party’s top agency for commanding the military. The event was supposed to be a celebration,

Hong Kong Media Mogul Jimmy Lai Arrested Under National Security Law

This article has been updated with the latest information. Jimmy Lai, a Hong Kong media tycoon and pro-democracy activist, was arrested Monday morning on allegations of violating the city’s new national security law imposed by Beijing. His arrest marks the most overt action taken by Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing Lam government under the central government’s law.

100 Hong Kong Police Officers Raid Local Newsroom Following Jimmy Lai Arrest

A mass crowd of at least 100 police officers swept through the newsroom of Apple Daily, a Hong Kong media known for its critical coverage of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Hong Kong government. The owner of Apple Daily is media mogul Jimmy Lai, an outspoken pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong. The raid immediately followed his arrest on Monday

Five Eyes States Criticize Hong Kong Government for Disqualifying Candidates, Delaying Elections

The Five Eyes countries on Sunday urged the Hong Kong government to uphold Hong Kong’s democratic process and hold the Legislative Council elections as soon as possible. The foreign ministers of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, and the U.S. secretary of state issued a joint statement on Sunday, expressing concerns over the “unjust disqualification of candidates

Heavy Rain Hits China’s Yellow River Basin, Bringing Floods to Large Swaths of Country

After severe flooding in the Yangtze River drainage area in July, heavy rain has now hit another major waterway in China, the Yellow River. A 646-year-old building in Xi’an city, located in western China and midstream of the Yellow River, partially collapsed on Aug. 8, injuring at least four people. Floodwaters inundated cities and villages in Shaanxi, Shanxi, and

China Faces Food Shortage as Droughts, Flooding, and Pests Ruin Harvest

Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua recently asked the governors of each province in China to make sure the sown areas of agricultural crops would not shrink and crop yield won’t be reduced this year. At a food security meeting held in Beijing on July 27, he warned that governors would be punished if they failed to uphold the promise,

Tick-Borne Virus Kills 7, Infects Dozens in Eastern China

A contagious, tick-borne virus that first emerged in China has recently killed seven while infecting dozens in the country. The virus usually spreads between May and October in mountainous regions, and has a death rate of 5 to 17 percent, said Chuang Jen-Hsiang, deputy director-general of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC), at an Aug. 5 press

North Korea Has Likely Developed Mini Nuclear Devices, UN Warns

According to a confidential UN report, communist North Korea is pressing on with its nuclear weapons program and several unnamed countries believe it has developed mini nuclear devices to fit its ballistic missiles. The United Nations submitted to a UN Security Council committee on Monday a report stating that North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons ignoring sanctions and several unidentified

Chinese Regime Detains Dissidents Ahead of Secret Beidaihe Conclave

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and other senior officials haven’t appeared in public for several days, while police in the northern resort town of Beidaihe recently began tightening security, leading observers to predict that the Chinese Communist Party’s annual secret conclave will soon take place. Chinese petitioners who appeal for authorities to hear their grievances were also recently detained in

Communism Is Not China’s Chosen Path

Commentary Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s best efforts to project to the world their efficiency in containing the COVID-19 pandemic inside China, the following facts will go down in history: The attempts to cover up the outbreak at the initial stage and the failure to promptly inform the rest of the world about the emergence

Chinese Court Rejects Lawsuit Seeking Compensation for CCP Virus

A Chinese woman surnamed Xu has filed a lawsuit against the municipal government of Wuhan, saying its mishandling of the CCP virus outbreak led to her father’s death. But a city court recently rejected her case without providing an explanation. “It was the negligence of the government that directly led to the death of my father,” said Xu,

Flood Peak Moves Along China’s Yangtze River, as Water Reaches Dangerous Levels

The third peak of this year’s flooding season in China from heavy rainfall arrived on July 28 at the midstream region of the Yangtze River, which is nearly 4,000 miles long and runs across central and eastern parts of the country. Water levels in Hunan Province’s Yueyang city rose above the alert level, meaning an embankment breach could

An Interview With the Father of the Chinese Democracy Movement

For 18 years, Wei Jingsheng was imprisoned in China. His crime? An essay posted on a wall in China’s capital.  As a young man, he authored a piece titled “The Fifth Modernization,” vocally critiquing the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian governance. His essay emphasized the need for democracy to achieve a true modernization of China. “We want to

Locals Question Official Virus Data in Xinjiang, Northeastern China Outbreaks

Restrictive quarantine policies and the designation of more hospital beds in northeastern China’s Dalian city and the farwestern region of Xinjiang indicate that their local CCP virus outbreaks are severe, despite authorities publicizing limited information. Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang and home to a large population of Uyghurs. Local authorities locked the city down immediately after they announced a resurgence in mid-July.

Leaked Government Documents Reveal How Chinese Regime Closely Monitors Falun Gong Adherents

Twenty-one years ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its brutal persecution of Falun Gong and has not let up since. The Epoch Times obtained a series of internal government documents revealing how the Chinese regime has targeted Falun Gong practitioners over the years, and during the recent pandemic. A meditative practice involving slow-moving exercises

As China Suffers From Severe Flooding, Regime’s Leaders Disappear From Public

As hundreds of millions are impacted by historic flooding in China, the Communist Party leadership’s noticeable absence drew the attention of citizens and China analysts. Chinese leader Xi Jinping did not show up in public for 21 days until July 21, when he hosted an economic seminar in Beijing. Then, on Wednesday, he visited the



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