Chinese-Made Vaccines Under Scrutiny as Hundreds of Vaccinated Chinese Workers Get Infected Overseas

Hundreds of Chinese workers overseas have reportedly been infected with COVID-19 despite being vaccinated with Chinese-manufactured vaccines. Experts are raising the alarm as they question the vaccines’ effectiveness. According to a Dec. 15 story on Radio Free Asia (RFA), at least 16 Chinese employees from a major state-owned enterprise stationed at Lunda Norte province, Angola, were infected with the CCP

Zoom Shared US User Data With Beijing to Ensure Chinese Market Access, Court Documents Show

A Zoom executive worked with Chinese authorities to provide data on users located outside of China and ensure the U.S. video-call giant retained market access in the country, according to recently unsealed court documents filed by U.S. federal prosecutors. The documents detailed internal communications between Zoom employees, which showed that Chinese security authorities made numerous

‘Soft Targets’: Chinese Spies Have Been Exploiting US Politicians for Decades, Says Expert

A report that a suspected Chinese spy spent years cozying up to local and national-level politicians reveals that Beijing is investing significantly in long-term espionage operations to infiltrate U.S. politics, an expert said. From 2011 to 2015, Christina Fang, a Chinese student at California State University–East Bay, cultivated extensive ties with local politicians in the Bay Area by volunteering

Hong Kong Tycoon Jimmy Lai Denied Bail for a Second Time

Hong Kong pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai was denied bail for the second time in a month after he appeared briefly at court on Saturday for an additional charge under the Beijing-imposed national security law, according to local reports. The mainland-born 72-year-old was charged on Friday on suspicion of “colluding with foreign forces and endangering national security,” a criminal

China’s Secret Aid to North Korea Exposed by Leaked Government Documents

The Epoch Times has recently obtained internal government documents from a trusted source that revealed more information about China’s financial and agricultural aid to North Korea. Despite the drop in trade between North Korea and China at the beginning of this year due to border closures to prevent the spread of  COVID-19, China is still North Korea’s biggest

CCP Media Outlet Continues Paying US Counterparts Millions to Publish Its Propaganda

China Daily, the Chinese regime’s propaganda outlet, has spent millions for the past six months on U.S. publications, according to its statement (pdf) filed last week with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). According to the statement, China Daily’s overall expenses from May 1 to Oct. 31 this year were above

Shanghai Airport Plunged Into Chaos as New Infections Reported in China

A chaotic night unfolded at Shanghai’s international airport after officials suddenly ordered airport-wide COVID-19 testing. The unexpected announcement also turned into a war of words on China’s social media, as netizens debated the government’s actions. On Nov. 22, Shanghai’s health commission reported two locally-transmitted COVID-19 cases at the city’s Pudong International Airport. The first case involved a

China Must End Its ‘War on Faith,’ US Ambassador Brownback Says

U.S. ambassador for international religious freedom Sam Brownback renewed his call for Beijing to end its “war on faith” on Nov. 17, including the persecution of adherents of Falun Gong. “I think in particular what China is doing is absolutely wrong. It’s one of the worst religious persecution situations in the world today, if not the worst,” Brownback said, in response to a

Beijing Sees Biden as Someone Susceptible to Its Influence: Victor Davis Hanson

The Chinese regime would be happy to see a new U.S. administration without President Donald Trump, according to historian Victor Davis Hanson. If Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden wins the election, Beijing would also press harder on U.S. allies in the Asia-Pacific region, said Hanson, who is a senior fellow at the Stanford University-based think tank Hoover

Chinese Regime Mandates Journalists and Monks Study Communist Ideology

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) recently ordered all monks at a famous Buddhist monastery to study political ideology, while thousands of the country’s journalists had to take tests on communist ideology in order to obtain their government-registered press passes. Back in October 2019, the Party required all reporters and editors to pass a test on “Xi Jinping’s

Shanghai COVID-19 Outbreak Spreads to Nearby Province

A new wave outbreak of COVID-19 in Shanghai has spread outside the city’s borders while another metropolis, Tianjin, has entered “wartime” mode after a cluster of infections. Shanghai authorities first confirmed a set of domestic COVID-19 patients on Nov. 9. A day later, Anhui Province—about a five-hour drive away—claimed that a new local CCP virus patient contracted the disease in Shanghai. Meanwhile,

Chinese State Media Touts a Biden Win, Indicates Hope for Pro-Beijing US Administration: Analyst

Though Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden has not been declared a winner by the U.S. statutory electoral authority, Chinese state media have touted his declared victory and expressed hopes for a cozier U.S.–China relationship under a Biden administration. According to a Nov. 6 report by Radio Free Asia, Chinese authorities gave an order to domestic news outlets, forbidding them from forwarding U.S.

China’s ‘Dollar Diplomacy’: Generous Student Scholarships for Countries Participating in Belt and Road

In recent years, the Chinese communist regime has been aggressively pushing “dollar diplomacy” in countries participating in its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)—Beijing’s grand foreign policy project that the Council on Foreign Relations has cautioned might be a “Trojan horse” for China-led regional development, military expansion, and Beijing-controlled institutions. Its “dollar diplomacy” has seen various grants and scholarships

Understand Tibet to Understand China, Tibetan President-in-Exile Says

BY VENUS UPADHAYAYA NEW DELHI—The world must understand the issue of Tibet to be able to understand what’s happening in contemporary China, the president of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), also called the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, says. “Unless you know Tibet, you won’t fully understand China,” Dr. Lobsang Sangay told The Epoch Times in an exclusive email

US, EU Voice Concern After 8 Pro-Democracy Politicians Arrested in Hong Kong

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the pro-Beijing Hong Kong government after eight opposition members, including five sitting lawmakers, were arrested over a dramatic scuffle in the Legislative Council in May as they fought for control of a key chairperson position that would determine if Beijing set the agenda for laws in the

A Popular ‘Boycott China’ Campaign Emerges From a Conflict Zone in India

LEH, India—Since India and China’s war-like buildup on the disputed border in Ladakh, an innovator and education reformist has been reminding people in a series of popular videos to deal with China through their wallets rather than bullets. Sonam Wangchuk, an engineer who holds a special voice in contemporary India’s social innovation landscape, has been

People Leaving Xinjiang City Forced Into Quarantine, Fed Unknown Drugs

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Xinjiang’s Kashgar has worsened. Official data from the Chinese communist government has seen an increase of nearly 200 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus cases in the past few days. The local area has activated a first-level emergency response. People from other areas who have traveled to Kashgar recently have been traced by the authorities and

Pompeo Criticizes Beijing, Hong Kong Government Over Use of National Security Law Against Student Activists

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has condemned Beijing and the Hong Kong government over its recent arrest and detention of three student activists, saying that they should be freed immediately. “The Beijing-controlled Hong Kong government continues to stifle dissent, repress public opinion, and use law enforcement for political purposes,” Pompeo stated on Oct. 29. “The People’s Republic of China has

The Global Supply Chain and the Consumer Boycott of China: Impact of COVID-19

Most books on the supply chain and globalization take the consumer for granted and ignore the fact that at the end of every supply chain is the customer. A new worldwide change in economics is occurring in response to the behaviour of the Chinese communist government in releasing and denying responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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