Beijing Presents Itself as Climate Steward as China-Borne Pandemic Continues to Rage

Commentary As European countries ponder the re-imposition of lockdowns and other drastic measures to confront a second wave of COVID-19, and U.S. officials fear a similar outbreak on this side of the Atlantic, China—where the pandemic originated—has decided to change the subject, to climate change. On Oct. 19, Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a broadside against U.S. climate

CCP Tightens Ideological Grip Over Chinese Society, Leaked Documents Reveal

Since the 18th National Congress, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conclave held in 2012, Xi Jinping and his regime have pushed for tightening the Party’s control over society—to maintain the Party’s rule over all levels of government and its people. The Epoch Times has obtained three government documents from a trusted source that reveal the

Philippines Communist Rebel Group Takes Aim at Chinese Firms

Communist guerrillas in the Philippines have trained their sights on Chinese state-owned firms building infrastructure and military bases in the country, projects that have the backing of President Rodrigo Duterte. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has ordered its military wing, the New People’s Army, to target firms involved in the construction of seven Chinese military bases

Thousands March in Taiwan To Demand that Beijing Release 12 Detained Hongkongers

TAIPEI, Taiwan—About 3,000 people took part in a march in downtown Taipei on Oct. 25 afternoon, voicing support for 12 Hongkongers who have been held by mainland Chinese authorities for over 2 months. Among those taking part were a Hong Kong couple surnamed Wong and their two sons. Mrs. Wong told the Taiwan branch of

Chinese Governments Spend Millions on Social Media Promotion of Their Propaganda

The Chinese regime considers popular social media platforms as key tools for promoting its agenda. The regime refers to these platforms as “convergent media”: forms of media that combine the functions of radio, television, and the internet. Internal government documents that The Epoch Times recently obtained reveal that local governments have been paying these private apps considerable

What Is Behind Xi Jinping’s Speech on Economic Reform During His Southern Tour?

Commentary China’s official mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency revealed on Oct. 11 that Chinese leader Xi Jinping would be visiting Shenzhen city to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Special Economic Zone. Shenzhen is an industrial hub in China’s southern Guangdong Province that links Hong Kong to the mainland. Crisis of Losing the People’s Trust The

Leaked Documents: CCP Used Paid Trolls to Counter News of Swine Fever Outbreak Online

A series of internal documents from China’s censorship authorities has revealed how internet trolls are deployed during times of bad publicity to manipulate public opinion in favor of the Chinese regime. Records from the Luoyang city division of the Cyberspace Administration—China’s chief internet censorship agency—show that authorities hired online trolls to write social media posts

Japan and ‘Special Strategic Partner’ Australia Forge Stronger Alliance

Japan’s military has agreed to create a framework for protecting Australian Defense Force assets as the two countries forge stronger bilateral ties amid rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi announced the transition on Oct. 19 in a joint statement with Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds, who visited Tokyo for bilateral discussions with her

China Claims Zero New CCP Virus Cases in 11 Million Tests, But Citizens Skeptical

After a cluster of COVID-19 cases recently emerged in Qingdao, the Chinese regime began a campaign to test all of the city’s residents, about 11 million people, within five days. On Oct. 17, authorities claimed they found no new infections. Exulting the all-negative results, Chinese state media reports praised authorities for combating the outbreak and

Xi Jinping Holds Onto Power Amid Infighting Within the CCP

Commentary In less than eight years, Xi Jinping has established himself as the core leader and his political ideology is enshrined into the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s constitution. This not only places Xi above his predecessors Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and Deng Xiaoping, but he is also catching up with Mao Zedong’s legacy. However, now that the CCP is accelerating

Chinese Leader Abruptly Ending Guangdong Trip Fuels Speculation About His Health

Chinese leader Xi Jinping returned to the capital shortly after delivering a speech in southern China on Oct. 14, during which he was continually coughing. Xi’s coughing, coupled with the unusual harried departure, triggered speculation among overseas Chinese-language media about his health condition and whether he could have had COVID-19. Leaving Quietly Xi visited Guangdong

Chinese Regime Targets Social Media Influencers to Silence Dissenting Speech: Leaked Documents

In the Chinese regime’s clampdown on internet speech, authorities have been targeting the “Big Vs”: social media influencers with more than 500,000 followers on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging platform that’s similar to Twitter, according to a series of government documents recently obtained by The Epoch Times from a trusted source. At the same time, authorities have

Police Bribes, Brainwashes School Children to Report on Parents, Neighbors

Ever heard of police bribing school children to brainwash them to report on their parents and neighbors? This is one of the many unscrupulous ways the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) employs to repress people of faith and entice others to show their loyalty to the regime. Since it came to power, the CCP has launched

japanese prime minister-yoshihide suga

Suga to Start His First ASEAN Tour as Japan’s PM

New Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will visit Indonesia and Vietnam from 18 to 21 Oct to hold talks with Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The trip will be Yoshihide Suga’s first visit after assuming office. Experts believe that Suga’s visit is largely to show support for the geopolitical

Exclusive: China to Stage Rescue Operations Drill in South China Sea

Internal government documents reveal that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will stage a rescue operations drill this month near the Paracel Islands, a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea—which could escalate tensions in the disputed waters. According to a notice issued by the Hainan Province Development and Reform Commission and obtained by The Epoch Times from a trusted



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