Chinese Company Hikvision Confirms It’s Controlled by China’s Military Industrial Complex

The world’s largest video surveillance company Hikvision is currently listed as a threat to U.S. national security. The company’s newly released annual report shows that a Chinese military industrial group is its controller. In the past two years, Hikvision has been blacklisted by Washington authorities because of its relationship with Chinese military and the security

Alvin Yapp, owner of award-winning museum The Intan, shares his love for Peranakan culture.(Credit: The Epoch Times)

Falling in Love with Peranakan Culture at The Intan

Sitting in the heart of Joo Chiat, The Intan is a two-storey shophouse that boasts a rich and diverse collection of elaborate antiques. I was immediately attracted by the nostalgic sight of the Tam Puis (or spittoons) and ornate tiffin carriers bursting with colours lined up along the long and narrow wooden staircase upon entering

Taiwan Health Official Speaks Out Against China Blocking Taiwan From Buying Vaccines

Dr. Twu Shiing-jer, one of Taiwan’s top public health officials, spoke out against the Chinese regime’s reported blocking of Taiwan from purchasing COVID-19 vaccines from the German biotechnology firm BioNTech in an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times on May 28. Twu, chairman of Taiwan’s Development Center for Biotechnology and former health minister of Taiwan, compared authoritarian

China’s Sand Dredgers Are Eating Into Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines: US Coast Guard Should Step Up

Commentary China’s sand dredgers have destroyed thousands of square kilometers of ocean floor in order to build sand islands on which they put military runways and docking facilities for submarines and aircraft carriers. The construction of a single such Chinese island, Mischief Reef (5.6 square kilometers) on Philippine maritime territory, impacted 1,200 square kilometers with plumes of

Bitcoin Price Plummets After Beijing Warns of Crypto Crackdown

After increasing in value for months, cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, have recently depreciated across the board. Chinese state media admitted that it’s directly related to two recent moves by Beijing financial authorities. The first major action was on May 18, when National Internet Finance Association of China, China Banking Association, and Payment & Clearing Association jointly

CCP Blocks BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines From Taiwan, Pushes Chinese-Made Vaccines Instead

On May 26, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen condemned the Chinese communist regime for blocking the island’s deal to obtain COVID-19 vaccines from German company BioNTech. At the same time the regime has been pushing Chinese-made vaccines onto the island, a move described by one analyst as “vaccine warfare.” The president was speaking at a meeting

China Picks ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomat to Oversee Hong Kong’s Foreign Affairs

Former Chinese ambassador to Poland Liu Guangyuan was recently appointed by Beijing to be special commissioner in Hong Kong, replacing Xie Feng, who will be the new deputy foreign minister of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Chinese state media claimed that Liu in his new role will continue to “resist external pressure and sanctions” as

Blockchain, the Core of the CCP’s Digital Currency in Its Ambition for Global Hegemony

News Analysis The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been pushing its digital currency project in recent years. The CCP’s central bank has been conducting research on digital currencies since 2014. In August 2019, a report by the CCP’s mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency said that the Central Bank’s Digital Currency Research Institute, established in 2017, had so

Chinese Companies Facing Largest Wave of Dollar Debt Maturities in History

Chinese companies are facing mounting pressure to repay their dollar debts, as more than $100 billion in Chinese corporate dollar bonds are due to mature this year—the largest wave of maturities in history. China’s wave of dollar maturities will reach $118 billion, according to Refinitiv, a global financial market data provider. Japanese investment bank Nomura

China Wrestles with Runaway Commodity Prices

News Analysis China is looking to put a dent in the global commodities boom of 2021. The price of China’s industrial commodities fell last week after Beijing announced new measures to curb runaway material prices that are beginning to fan fears of inflation. A rebound in the world’s biggest economies following the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreak

Chinese Leader Tightens Grip on Power Through Vast Network of Institutes That Teach ‘Xi Jinping Thought’

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is solidifying his control over Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials and the wider populace by establishing institutes around the country to propagate his eponymous dogma—known as “Xi Jinping Thought.” Since becoming the CCP’s paramount leader in 2012, Xi has moved to centralize power and encourage a personality cult echoing back to the Party’s

Half of Listed Chinese Companies Might Manipulate Their Stock Prices: Fund Manager

A renowned Chinese equity fund manager revealed details of a listed company manipulating its stock price, and said half of the Chinese listed companies are involved in similar violations. On May 16, the Chinese regime announced it was investigating the issue. “In recent years, lawbreakers have used shareholding, capital, information, and technological advantages to conspire

Why the CCP Is Cracking Down on Alibaba While Sparing Tencent

Commentary The Chinese regime fined Alibaba $2.8 billion in April under anti-monopoly law, highlighting the regime’s comprehensive review of Chinese internet companies. However, Tencent was only fined $310,000 despite its comparable monopolistic influence in China. For a mega-corporation like Tencent, a fine of this size is equivalent to pennies. The CCP’s biggest grievance with Alibaba is its very large share of

Chinese Regulators on Mission to Rule Over Technology Giants

Commentary Beijing has begun to rein in China’s technology companies, issuing fines and instructing firms to change their corporate structure due to anti-competitive behavior and other transgressions. But a common thread across recent regulatory actions against the technology sector, regardless of the allegations on the surface, is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s desire to control them and their data.

Taiwan Official on China Invasion Threat: ‘Because of Democracy … We Are Not Alone’

Despite China’s intensifying military threats against Taiwan, the democratic island is “not alone,” as it shares common values with many nations, a Taiwanese official said earlier this week. During an exclusive interview in Taipei with The Epoch Times, Dr. Shiing Jer Twu, chairman of Taiwan’s Development Center for Biotechnology, spoke about Beijing’s ongoing threats to invade and

Forced Uyghur Labor Behind World’s Solar Panels, Investigation Finds

British researchers say the world’s production of solar panels is being fueled by forced labor from Uyghur Muslims in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. An investigation by Sheffield Hallam University says some 45 percent of the world’s supply of a key component in the panels—polysilicon—comes from Xinjiang and is obtained through a vast system of

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