Chinese Textbook Alters Bible Passage, Says Jesus Stoned Woman to Death

A Chinese ethics textbook has altered a story from the Bible, twisting its ending to have Jesus stone a woman to death while claiming that he is a “sinner.” The distortion, the latest in a long line of measures by the atheist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to control and suppress religion in the country, has

How Beijing Grooms Teachers to Spread Propaganda Through Confucius Institutes

“Tell your students about China’s high-speed railway. Describe to them how fast, convenient, and advanced it is.” “Don’t discuss Taiwan and Tibet with your students. If they ask, say there is only one China, and Taiwan is part of China. If they ask more, try to change the subject.” These were some of the things

Lawmakers Call for Action on Mass Vocational Training in Tibet

A group of international legislators on Tuesday condemned the Chinese regime for allegedly imposing a mass vocational training program on Tibet reminiscent of the system used in Xinjiang. In a statement, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) called for governments to investigate reports of forced labor and ethnic persecution in China and sanction those responsible. The statement accompanies the publication

Mike Pompeo’s China Adviser Says China Has No Allies

A key person in shaping Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s hard-line policy on China says the CCP has no allies, while democracies are forming an alliance to counter that threat. Chinese police are collecting blood samples from residents but refusing to tell them why. It’s not the first time it’s happened either. Facebook shuts down

International Academic Journals Comply With Beijing’s Censorship

Commentary Taiwanese ophthalmologist Jo-Hsuan Wu and her team received a reply on Aug. 24 from the editorial office of Eye and Vision, an international medical journal, about a research paper they submitted on retinopathy. To their surprise, their paper had been subjected to political censorship, and required the authors to change “Taiwan” to “Taiwan, China”

Beijing Kicks Out Protesters Ahead of National Holiday on Oct. 1

Petitioners in Beijing are warning that the Chinese regime’s office for hearing public complaints and other similar governmental offices will sweep them out of the capital before Oct. 1, the regime’s annual commemoration of its founding. Citizens with grievances typically travel to Beijing in the hopes of appealing their cases to authorities. Around the time

Beijing Has No Way Out of the Crises It Faces: Chinese Scholar

Nothing can help the Chinese communist regime as it battles with crises on multiple fronts, according to a Chinese scholar who earlier this year called on Chinese leader Xi Jinping to step down. Leng Jiefu, a retired professor and former director of the politics faculty of Renmin University, a prestigious Chinese university, in April wrote

HK Pro-Democracy Legislator Sets Up Organization to Support Imprisoned Activists

Hong Kong pro-democracy legislator “Bottle” Shiu Ka-chun established Wall-fare, an online community platform where people can voice their concern and show support for the imprisoned Hong Kong activists. Shiu set up the organization in April, and he believes it’s his special calling to help the pro-democracy protesters, he told The Epoch Times. “Too often, they enlightened

Freedom House Honors Hong Kong Protesters With Freedom Award

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, which has been fighting against the Chinese Communist Party’s encroachment of the city’s liberties, has been awarded the 2020 Freedom Award by the Washington-based think tank Freedom House. “Freedom House honors the protesters of Hong Kong,” the think tank said in an online awards event held on Sept. 16. It explained: “Hong Kong has

#SaveTheMongolianLanguage Movement Attracts Worldwide Attention and Support

As the Chinese regime tightens its methods of oppression and orders the merciless repression of protests against a new policy banning Mongolian language in Inner Mongolian schools, Mongolian nationals and non-nationals around the world have voiced support and started a movement. Several prominent scholars and linguists in Mongolia sent an open letter to Chinese leader

The Inside Story on How Chinese Authorities Suppress Negative Publicity Online

A series of internal government reports have revealed in greater detail how Chinese authorities censor and suppress negative news stories, especially incidents that could draw scrutiny of officials. According to the Chinese regime’s own estimates, as of 2019 there were more than 850 million internet users in China. Since the advent of the internet, the

Chinese Regime ‘Weaponizing’ Tibet’s Rivers, Choking Asia’s Water Supply: Expert

The Tibetan plateau, which serves as the source for 10 major rivers in Asia, provides water to hundreds of millions across the continent. But the Chinese regime has weaponized these waters to fuel its own industrialization, starving downstream Asian countries of this precious resource, China analyst and Tibetan activist Maura Moynihan says. She sounded the

Inner Mongolia Government Staff Punished for Protesting Against Mandarin-Only School Lessons

After Inner Mongolian authorities implemented plans to phase out Mongolian teaching in classrooms and replace it with Mandarin Chinese, waves of protests broke out across the region. Many parents stopped sending their children to schools, including government officials and employees who are ethnic Mongolian. Leaked documents obtained by The Epoch Times reveal that local authorities

Thailand Puts on Hold China’s Plan to Bypass Strait of Malacca

News Analysis An attempt by China to avoid having to send its shipping through the narrow waters of the Malacca Strait by building a canal through Thailand has come to an end, for now. Facing internal protests, on Sept. 3 the Thai government put the project on hold. The Thai canal is not a new proposal—in

Analysts Say Beijing’s Claim of Defeating COVID-19 Is for Fulfilling Political Agenda

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) declared “victory” over the COVID-19 pandemic on Sept. 8, despite infections still popping up in mainland China. Observers believe that Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s rush to celebration is aimed at countering criticism and pressure from both within the Party and the international community, as a growing number of countries have



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