Hong Kong in Shock After Police Tackle a 12-Year-Old Girl

Footage of two officers tackling a 12-year-old girl to the ground on a Hong Kong street over the weekend has ignited a fresh outpouring of anger amid ongoing criticisms of police violence. Video shared widely on social media showed police kettling a group of people on a sidewalk in the district of Mong Kok. The girl, who was

Resistance Rising in Inner Mongolia

Protests continue in Inner Mongolia against Beijing’s language policy. Even Mongolian people working for state-run media are beginning to fight back. Tanks are seen on the streets. A post on Wuhan’s Ghost Festival has gone viral on Chinese social media. And many internet users noticed one thing unusual about the mourning tradition this year. Xi

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping’s Family Wealth in Hong Kong Exposed

It’s no news that China’s top ranking officials own huge amounts of offshore wealth. Still, a recent report revealing details of high-profile Chinese leaders’ family assets in Hong Kong caused a public outcry in China. Xi Jinping and two other members of the Politburo Standing Committee, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) most powerful body, have

Locusts, Rodents, Floods Destroy Crops in China’s Yunnan Province

Southern China has suffered the worst natural disasters in decades this year. Farmers in Yunnan Province said that in addition to the floods, the ongoing locust plague and rodent infestation have damaged nearly all the crops. According to a report by South China Morning Post on Aug. 30, “the swarms of yellow-spined bamboo locusts crossed

Long Queues at Hospitals, Apartment Lockdowns in Wuhan as Some Suspect Virus Resurgence

Hundreds of patients are queuing outside the infectious disease department at two of Wuhan’s largest hospitals, while some outdoors markets were shut down and several residential complexes resumed lockdown policies—leading some residents to suspect a resurgence of the CCP virus in the city where it first emerged. In a phone interview, a resident in the central Chinese city

India, China Trade Blame Over New Border Activity as Tensions Remain High

The Indian government said that it “preempted” the movement of China’s People’s Liberation Army along the Pangong Tso Lake in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas and prevented Beijing from violating the agreed-upon border between the two countries, during a new standoff. While the Chinese side blamed Indian troops for violating the border agreements and

What Is the Chinese Regime Anxious About?

Commentary The Chinese regime’s mouthpiece, People’s Daily, published a series of commentaries that claim the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not a threat to its own people and to the world. The editorial, headlined “The Communist Party of China and the Chinese People on the Great Long March,” issued five commentaries from Aug. 18 to

Pakistan–China Dam Threatens to Drown Thousands of Ancient Buddhist Relics

Pakistan and China recently signed an agreement worth $14 billion to build a dam that threatens more than 50,000 ancient Buddhist relics in the disputed region of Gilgit-Baltistan. The much delayed Diamer-Bhasha Dam was inaugurated for the fourth time by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on July 15 after an agreement was signed in May between the

Chinese Villagers Struggle to Subsist After Being Forcibly Relocated by Authorities

The “Cliff Village” in Liangshan prefecture, Sichuan Province, is one of many hamlets in southwestern China where the Yi ethnic minority live. The Yi people live much like how their ancestors did: in the mud houses that they’ve built, while subsisting on what grows in the mountains or on the small farm plots they cultivate. The village is so

CCP Scrubs State Media Report Raising Concerns Over COVID-19 Vaccine From Internet

Amid China’s race to develop a vaccine for the CCP virus, specialists recently told Chinese state-run media about the risks of an adverse reaction known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), but within hours, the report was removed and reposts were scrubbed from the internet. The human body generates antibodies after contracting a virus. Scientists have found that

China Builds Missile Site at Sacred Lake Revered by Hundreds of Millions in India

The Chinese regime has set up a surface-to-air missile site on the banks of a sacred lake, according to Indian media, which claims the installation is a desecration of a religious site revered by hundreds of millions in India. China started in April to build military infrastructure near a lake that’s part of the sacred Kailash-Mansarovar

‘You Work Like Animals’: Inside China’s Vast Prison Labor System

For three years on and off, Li Dianqi worked for about 17 hours a day making cheap clothing—from bras to trousers—in a Chinese prison. She worked for no pay and faced punishment by prison guards if she failed to meet production quotas. One time, a team of about 60 workers who couldn’t reach their quota

Chemical Gas Leak in SW China: Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories

Leaking gas from a chemical plant in Wutongqiao district of Leshan city, Sichuan Province, southwestern China, enveloped the entire district in thick fog, filling the air with a pungent odor. Panicked residents evacuated in a hurry on the morning of Aug. 18. Local traffic was paralyzed as people fled the city, according to residents who described the

First CCP Virus Reinfection Case Confirmed in Hong Kong, Researchers Say

[athor]BY EVA FU[/author] A 33-year-old Hong Kong man became the world’s first confirmed COVID-19 patient to be reinfected with a mutated strain of the CCP virus, according to researchers, who said the finding could carry significant implications for survivors of the respiratory disease. The patient, an IT professional with no underlying health conditions, tested positive a second time for the virus

China Creates, Recruits Social Media Accounts to Sway Public Opinion, Documents Show

A series of Chinese government documents reveal local authorities’ methods for monitoring and controlling public opinion on the internet, including how they recruit popular social media accounts or create their own to post pro-government content, monitor content that is unfavorable to the regime, and handle public relations disasters. Authorities outlined a bureaucratic process for how

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